This is the easiest way to introduce cow’s milk to your child! Tried it yet?

Whether you are a formula fan or a hardcore preacher that ‘breast milk is the best,’ you have to gear up for that milestone! Yes, we are talking about your little bundle’s transition from formula or the breast to cow’s milk. If your munchkin is already one-year-old and is still on breastfeed, then congratulations on the journey, but it’s also time you made that transition.

There is no way your baby is going to take to cow’s milk in the first go. To make the transition a smooth sailing one, here are 5 ways you can introduce cow’s milk to your kid hassle-free!

Mix with breast milk

To make it easier for your baby, try and mix breast milk with cow’s milk. This way the taste might not change all of a sudden and will make the baby less anxious. To start off with, try this once or twice a day, preferably during the daytime.

Make Porridge

Whether you are giving rice, wheat or ragi porridge, add a little cow’s milk to it. This will make it tastier and your baby will enjoy it too.

Add it in fruit puree

If your baby is reluctant about having cow’s milk as is, try and make a thick milkshake. Fruits like banana, apple, and chikoo taste great with milk. So blend them together and make a tasty milkshake.

Serve it lukewarm

Always remember that breast milk is warmer than cow’s milk or formula. So make sure you serve it lukewarm or your little one is going to throw a fit for sure.

Try something sweet

If none of the above is working, then make a yummy baby-friendly sweet out of cow’s milk. Rice kheer, badam milk, and runny milk halwa are some of the sweets you can offer babies.

While these ways are tried, tested and extremely safe, there are a few basic pointers you must follow before you get started.

1. Never introduce anything new to the kid during the night. Always start during the day. You don’t want your kid having a bad stomach at night.
2. Start with small portions
3. Watch out for allergies
4. Opt for full-fat or organic milk
5. Be patient. Babies take a minimum of 21 days to get used to any new food.