This is the easiest way to end milk wars with your kids!

If there is one thing my son and I endlessly fight over, it definitely is milk. Milk battles are never ending in all homes (leave aside kids with lactose intolerance) and to get them gulp down that one glass can turn mommies into a banshee. And as Indians, we are brought up to believe that not having milk means missing out on essential nutrients.

However, we have some simple tricks which will sort your child’s milk woes and even make him/her fall in love with this not-so-tasty beverage. Try it and get kids to down milk fuss-free!

1. Add flavour

The smell of milk can put kids off. So try adding a flavour to it. Find what your kid likes – chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, mango, kesar-pista, almond etc. It’s best to alternate them. For instance, he may have chocolate milk in the morning and kesar-pista at night. Something different to look forward to, eh!

2. Take the cereal path

Add milk to your kid’s favourite cereal. You could also top it with a fruit and make it a wholesome meal. Milk added to cereals absorbs flavour and your kid is sure to gulp it down without getting ready to wage a war.

3. Smoothies

Anything in the form of juice or milkshake is sure to leave kids begging for more! So why not make a smoothie with full cream milk and your kid’s favourite fruit? You could also top it with sprinkles or chocolate chips to make it more appetising.

4. Sneaking milk

Sneak milk into other dishes. Beat it with egg, fold it in with mashed potatoes, pancakes or pasta and see the difference. If you feed him oats, you could shun water and cook the oats in milk instead and let him enjoy a fuller breakfast.

5. Milk Lollies

Why take the healthy route always? It’s ok for kids to indulge in some junk once in a while. Simply pour milkshakes in ice trays and freeze them overnight. You could add simple flavours like roohafza, and Bournvita to milk and freeze them.

6. Milk-based sweets

Indian cuisine has a zillion varieties of milk-based sweets you can try. Milk pudding, kheer, seviyan, and kulfi are some great options. Make sure you serve a different sweet every week and your kid will eventually want more.

7. Hot or cold?

The problem could be as simple as that! Serving milk at the right temperature can be the trick to get kids to love milk. While hot milk easily forms a froth on top which puts off many kids, cold milk can hurt his sensitive teeth. So make sure you ask your kid what he likes.

8. Catchy drink-ware

Last but definitely not the least, investing in kid-friendly cutlery can do the trick. Sippy cups, mugs with his favourite cartoon or superhero characters etc can be enticing for kids. So buy one now.