This is just what every new mom craves to hear!

So you just gave birth to your bundle of joy and your world has suddenly changed! Yes, your home smells of sanitizers, your clothes have milk stains; you are constantly being questioned if the baby is hungry, you are bleeding down there and of course amidst all this the romance between you and your hubby dearest is almost dead. Well, we know how that feels mommies and we have your back.

And, daddy dearest if you are wondering how to make your lady love feel better and re-ignite that spark in your relationship, then firstly ditch the idea of scented candles and flowers! Here’s what every mommy craves to hear from her husband after delivery.

Follow these and win your wife’s heart over again!

1. Do you need some coffee?

Trust me this will work like magic! There is no new mom in the world who will not love you for this offer. After a hard day of nursing, cleaning baby poop and of course pacifying a wailing kid over a dozen times, a cup of coffee can just be her best friend. So, offer, make and indulge in some really interesting conversation (apart from baby, mind you). If you have snacks to go with the coffee, then it’s going to be a cake walk, daddies!

2. Let’s order out tonight

While cooking definitely might be a rare scene for new moms, there are a few who don’t have a choice. So, amidst handling the baby and decoding the reason behind each cry, we mommies also have to perform the laborious task of cooking. And let’s not even get started about the aunties and uncles who are more than happy to join in for dinner, when they come to say hello to the newborn. So, how about ordering? Why not! Trust me; any new mom will jump at this offer.

3. I bought you this jumbo-sized bag of your favourite chocolate

Chocolates are not just for when women are pmsing. These are our favourite all time food and don’t even get us started on how much we need them while dealing with babies. Walking into your home with a huge bag of your wife’s favourite chocolates can just make her day.... and yours too! Try it.

4. You look sexy

This is one thing every woman craves to hear after delivery. Her body has gone through a roller coaster ride and it’s only fair you give her due credit for it. Well, we do know how horrendous we can look with those puffy eyes, dark circles and unkempt hair, but hey we just pushed out a little human. So, go on and credit her all-new look. After all she is doing all of that for your bundle of joy. In case you wish to go a step further, gift a cute night wear (PS: Make sure it’s meant for nursing).

5. You are doing a great job

If you thought being a mother was an easy task, then you may definitely need therapy! Yes, while it is overwhelming, it is also terrifying. After baby most mommies are just in ‘survival mode’. Clean, pacify, feed, eat, repeat! This is precisely what a new mom does 24/7. So, why not compliment her? A word of appreciation is definitely going to cheer her up after a rough day and make her feel that she is doing the right thing for her baby. Well, don’t be surprised if she bursts out in happy tears after hearing this!