This is how your body will behave while weaning! Don’t freak out

So you are finally weaning your baby and feeing relieved about the same? Well, not yet! Breastfeeding is a tough journey and we bet most moms out there will agree with us on this. Well, that said, weaning is not a bed of roses either. While you and your little one are bound to go through an emotional roller coaster, your body will not be spared either. From feeling full to your menstrual cycle going haywire and weight gain, here are some changes you must watch out for while weaning your baby off your breasts.

1.  Missed or irregular periods

Missed or irregular periods is often a worry and in case you are weaning, make sure you stock up on pregnancy tests because your period might be irregular for a while. So, a suitable birth control might also be needed.

2.  Your bones will grow

Women lose out on a lot of calcium while breastfeeding as it all goes into the milk. However, once you wean the baby, the levels are restored, making you feel like your bones have undergone some major growth spurt!

3.  Your breasts can be a pain!

Yes, you read that right! Weaning can lead to blocked ducts, heavy breasts and even mastitis. While this is perfectly normal, it is also important you take the process gradually to minimize the risk of mastitis.

4.  You feel more wet

Your vagina might have been a Sahara all this while, but thanks to weaning, you will no longer need a lube. The drop in the milk production hormone prolactin leads to a spike in progesterone and estrogen. The increase in these hormones can put an end to your vaginal dryness. So, its time to say hello to your libido.

5.  Your breasts look different

Your breasts might have felt like huge watermelons while you were breastfeeding, but weaning might have it the other way around. Your breasts begin to gradually deflate as you wean, getting back to your pre-pregnancy size and shape. Well, but this also depends on how much weight you gained or lost during pregnancy.

6.  Your boobs will still leak

If you thought you can happily get away with leaky boobs once you stop feeding, you might be wrong. You are bound to lactate for a couple of weeks or even months after you have stopped breastfeeding your baby. In fact, friction from intercourse or a bra can also lead to lactation.

7.   You may feel happy, sad or everything

Your hormones are bound to go on a happy roller coaster ride during weaning. So gear up for emotional outbursts every now and then. While on one hand you might be relieved about not having nurse your baby, you might be bummed about the same thing on the other. All this is normal and you will get back to being happy and normal with time. But if you find yourself being abnormally low, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

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