This is a great way to teach your kids generosity, with a Christmas twist!

Amma, I want this car!

But you already have a car, putta.

I want another car!

Okay, I’ll buy you another car. But you have to give your old car to the maid’s daughter. She doesn’t have any toys.

No! That’s also mine, this is also mine.

Tushar, you’re being selfish.


Nice children we raise. In an age of abundance and indulgence, what more can you expect? But it’s high time we put a stop to the dissatisfaction and greed. Our kids see poverty everywhere around them, but we don’t teach them to do anything to help other children. They might ask a question occasionally about beggars, but since we’re so uncomfortable with the topic and don’t know how to speak of deprivation at all, we normally don’t answer questions to their satisfaction. That means they grow up with the idea that they don’t really need to help anyone in any way.

In the spirit of Christmas, Charity Hutchinson managed to knock down snowmen with one stone. She figured out a way to both imbibe the nature of giving in her kids, so they’d give willingly, while teaching them, when the time came, that Santa was not a real person, without breaking their hearts. Take a look at her Facebook post:

Genius. Pure genius.