Things you need to pack when travelling with a child

Hassle-free traveling with kids is possible - Parenting by ZenParent
As a family, we love to travel. My son has been travelling from the time he was 40 days old. And now at 3.75 years, he’s got over 40 international journeys under his belt. So I consider myself something of an expert when it comes to travelling with children. Here are some tips to make sure that your journey and your vacation are trouble-free.On board the flight/train1. Pack everything you need in Ziploc or re-sealable disposable bags. This ensures you’ve got bags to use should the need arise (soiled diapers or sealing stained clothes).2. Pack entertainment age appropriately. Allow your child to choose a few noise-free toys for carrying on board. Also carry coloring books, a few story books, a notepad, etc for entertainment. When all fails, have a fully loaded iPad on hand. You can skip all of these if your kids are old enough to entertain themselves.3. Pack finger foods (biscuits, celery stalks, mini carrots, Cheerios, etc) which are easy to hand out and mess free. Also carry single serving milk/juice cartons to lighten your load as your journey progresses.4. Have medicines for cold/cough/fever on hand.5. Extra diapers/wipes.6. Extra set of clothes for mommy and baby for combating unexpected accidents.7. Kindle or a book for your own entertainment.8. Hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes.Try and pack all your on-board items in a single backpack so you have your hands free in case you have a toddler you need to run behind. With older kids, you can have them carry small backpacks with items they handpick for their own entertainment.For the vacation1. Depending on where you’re going, you may want to bring sun screen lotion, moisturizer, hat, sunglasses, for both parents and the kids.2. Pack travel-size tooth paste, brushes, and other toiletries and a first-aid kit.3. Roll and pack your clothes. They fit better and occupy less space and your kids can help pack.4. Carry a crushable duffel bag in case you shop more than expected (sound familiar?!) and need extra room to bring back your buys.5. Sterilizing tablets (or denture cleaning tabs) for sterilizing baby items on the go in hotel sinks with just hot water (if appropriate).With these tips and tricks, make your next trip an enjoyable and fun vacation, rather than one that induces panic attacks. Have a safe and sane travel. Bon voyage!Image source – Google creative commons