Things parents secretly wish to tell to the non parents!

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All kinds make up this world and there is one wonderful kind of people who either deliberately or in oblivion(let’s not be judgemental) land up picking on dedicated parents (especially mothers) who have chosen out of joy and satisfaction to revolve their lives around their kids while they have chosen otherwise. Well we as parents may be not so immaculately groomed or not have a rocking social life but we have experienced some of the most wonderful and happiest moments that parenthood brings with it and we don’t want to hear these things anymore.1. ‘Oh! I have the freedom to plan and live my days the way I want’- Wow! That’s great! It’s true that we don’t have the freedom and the luxury to live our lives our way now and some of the days we wonder if we are still alive but if it’s all coming down to feeling fulfilled and happy at the end of the day we are definitely not lagging behind. And we think very few people sleep well as we do;)2. ‘You look so haggard, when was the last time you went to a salon?- Must be weeks back and yes! We don’t find the time to go spend hours in a salon and we miss the pampering and the rejuvenation too but amazingly warm hugs and kisses from our kids seem to have the same effect as a facial!3. ‘So now you are going to be needing the ‘XXXL’ garments’- Absolutely! We have evolved, grown and learned so much that we need a bigger body to store all the enriched personality.

what parents want to tell to the non parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

4. ‘Actually I like my surroundings to be very neat and clean, wonder how people live in messy houses’- We all like that too! And we land up cleaning the house a hundred times before it decides to turn messy almost the next moment. So we have decided to engage our energies in something more constructive like helping our kids to make memories instead.5. ‘I have been told that it's good to get a pet and see if you can manage it, in case you're planning to have a baby!'- We can give you a million reasons as to why getting a pet won’t help. A pet listens to you, has limited food choices, doesn’t need a hundred clothes per day and knows where to litter! Do we need to say anything more?6. ‘What do you do the whole day at home with your kids?’- We do a lot. We play, we laugh, we cry (most of the times), we spill food even water, we scatter the toys, put them back so we can scatter them again, we wash and clean and wash again and we barely realise when the day is over. But although this amounts to nothing we have achieved and experienced a lot.

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7. ‘Oh! You must be having no time for anyone else’- Guilty as charged but hope God gives us that extra 25th hour to do so.For the remaining meagre 24 hours we are totally booked to take care of the privileged responsibility we are trusted with. But we are trying….as we don’t believe in giving up.8. ‘You are never on time’- Give us a break! When we have to prepare for an outing it’s not only our kids and ourselves we have to dress. We also have to pack extra clothes, diapers, snacks, medicines, toys, books, pencils, colours and the list goes on. Amidst all this we never know where to find a watch.9. ‘When I have kids, they will be doing this and won’t be doing that’- Sure! We wish you well. But let’s talk once you have kids.

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Parenthood is a great feeling and highly esteemed job to do. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise.