Things No One will Tell you about ADHD: The Treatment

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Everyone has an opinion about ADHD and yes there are multiple choices available for parents as far as dealing with the problem is concerned. Some individuals strongly believe that medicines can be avoided and this condition can be contained with meditation and other alternative therapies but experience shows that consulting a Psychiatrist or a Pediatrician is the best decision that parents can take. A holistic approach is what is required to deal with this problem and there are no quick fixes. Remember, a correct attitude towards the treatment is the key. A doctor can professionally guide you through the intricate treatment that may involve many dimensions.1. Medicines- ADHD is a physiological condition that requires medicines to contain it. Contrary to the belief that medicines lead to complacence and addiction in the child, they help calm the child enough to be open to further learning and comprehension. Although the medicines may have side effects like loss of sleep & appetite and hearing sensitivity, they can be worked around keeping the enormous advantages in mind. There are a variety of medicines available strictly on a doctor’s prescription with different active chemical agents to suit the child’s need tolerance and mental set up.

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2. Remedial therapy by a special educator- Once the child is calm and is willing to listen, he/she may need a little hand-holding regarding conceptual and contextual grasping of subject(s) being taught in school. Assistance also may be needed in helping the child develop language skills for written and verbal expression.3. Behavioural therapy- Kids with ADHD unfortunately face a lot of rejection from peers, teachers and society. This often is reflected in their rebellious and/or angry and/ or introvert behaviour. This needs to be addressed and consulting a behavioural therapist helps. Sometimes the therapist talks to the parents guiding them how to alter their actions and reactions in order to deal with their child better.

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4. Counselling (both for the child as well as parents)- Kids and parents both need counselling to deal and cope with their respective situations to restore their self -esteem and confidence which usually takes a huge hit. Talking to a third person makes the child feel at ease and he/she can open up to share the dilemmas faced without feeling hesitant or feeling vulnerable. Parents need to be assured that it is not their fault that their kid has this problem and like all other problems this has a solution too.5. An Appropriate school and learning atmosphere- Parents may need to look out for a school that is sensitive towards the child’s problem and provides him/her with more space and flexibility to learn &perform. A classroom with few students& skilled teachers is ideal where the child gets the required personal attention.

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A special educator in the school is a must who should be available for your child if there is an issue to be taken care of in your absence and who can offer one on one teaching if necessary. A general observation by parents of ADHD kids is that their children are more visual learners than auditory.i.e they grasp more by seeing than hearing and also enjoy more extracurricular activities so parents can choose a school accordingly.Since I am in Bangalore, I know schools like Brindavan and Parikrama in Bangalore offer ideal learning atmospheres for kids with special needs.6. Back- Up support from Parents- Dealing with ADHD is a continual process that mostly requires monitoring from 7 to 20 years of age. It is exhaustive but if consistency is maintained it minimises the problem to a negligible level. Apart from the above mentioned treatment parents can enroll their kids in classes like yoga,chess or some sport that not only help build their concentration but also give a breather to the kids.

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There are also various other alternative treatments like NLP (Neuro-linguistic process) workshops and Bio Neuro Feedback therapy (that helps control and train a child’s brain with the help of computer games) available, but before zeroing on these expensive treatments it is better to consult a doctor who guides you whether it is suitable for your child or not.I have a son who has ADHD and though initially I was thrown off my balance when I learnt of his condition; I eventually realised that with guided help and informed choices, I was able to bring my son back to a normal and happy life. There are still some low moments but the best thing I can give to him and myself is the unconditional love that pulls us through even the most trying situations and makes us look forward to a beautiful life... full of opportunities and wonderful times! Featured Image Source