Things No One will tell you About ADHD: The 10 Unnoticed Symptoms

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A mischievous kid does not necessarily have ADHD- Though hyperactivity is one of the major symptoms of ADHD; it is not the only one. Most of us who have read about the condition are very quick to slot our naughty kids under ADHD, but parents need to sit up and take notice only when they see various, uncommon behavioural traits in their child.

According to the Department Of Psychiatry of the P.S.G. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research in Tamil Nadu, at least 12% of the primary school children in India are affected by a condition called ADHD, and most of them are boys. But another startling fact is that most of these kids go through the peril of not having their condition diagnosed at the right time or not identified at all. And hence we are looking at a significant amount of numbers in the next generation who are not treated and are victims of various learning and other consequential behavioural & emotional issues which are by-products of ADHD.

If you, as a parent, have been reading up about this condition for your kid but are confused whether you are on the right track, maybe the points below shall help you decide your course of action.


1. Inattention- The lack of attention though prevalent from a very young age, generally gets highlighted once the child starts schooling.

The inattentiveness manifests itself in the following behavioural traits.

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2. Disorganization- The child finds it difficult to take care of his/her personal belongings.He/she cannot assemble his/her own school bag before &after school and tends to lose books, lunch boxes and other stationary. The child also cannot maintain neatness. The books & other belongings are often shabby and in a dishevelled state.

3. Lack of Focus- The child cannot focus on most of the tasks that are required to be done on daily basis. This includes taking instructions, be it from the teacher or any other person hence affecting his/her comprehension and performance in the class as well in various other activities. Completion of homework is also a major issue. The child is unable to focus on the work and makes careless mistakes resulting in an untidy presentation.

4. Easy Distraction- The child’s attention is very easily distracted to any other activity or sounds outside the class or his area of work, although these are not very loud or disruptive. For e.g. children playing outside. The teacher or any other instructor finds it challenging to engage the child’s attention to the activity or task at hand and the child lands up disturbing other students around him, resulting in him/her being asked to leave the class ultimately.

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5. Impulsiveness- Kids with ADHD are observed to be very impulsive in their speech as well as actions. The impulsiveness usually results in the following behaviours.

6. Impatience- The child appears to be very brash in his mannerisms and blurts out anything that comes to his/her mind without giving it a thought. (Especially in social gatherings or with group of friends). There is difficulty in completion of tasks and the child tends to destroy or disrupt what he has been working on as it requires more patience and a longer concentration span, like tearing up a painting or breaking a Lego model

7. Social Incompetence- The child is unable to follow certain mandatory social norms and etiquette like waiting for turns, playing & working together with other kids, maintaining hygiene, observing silence & low tones in public places and sitting in one place.

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8. Hyperactivity- This symptom is the most commonly used as a parameter to guess ADHD in kids but as mentioned above it is not the only one and cannot be used as the only indication of the problem. Hyperactivity however rears its head up in the following ways

9. Restlessness- As the name suggests the child is very restless and keeps running around aimlessly. He/she finds it impossible to sit in a place for a longer time and frequently has to get and move, despite of repeated and explicit instructions to not do so. The child also is unable to settle down to a quiet hobby or activity and usually moves out before completing it.

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10. Aggressiveness- This is where most of the problems arise .The child tends to get very aggressive & destructive and he/she ends up physically hurting other kids around him. He /she usually breaks and destroys not only toys &other stuff belonging to him/her but to other children also resulting in alienation and low acceptance which makes the child either a recluse or more rebellious.

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