These things happen to every woman after labour and it’s gross!

Sure, you know it all when it comes to labour and childcare. After all, your mommy friends and all those books gave you enough and more information. Your doctor tells you to push and you finally have get out your slimy, little baby. But, what after that? We have the next chapter of birthing and it’s got stuff even your best mom friends might not have told you. While some of it might be gross, it’s all worth it when you finally hold your baby in your arms.  

1.     You might have a male doctor walking in

If you are cringing reading this, it’s time you woke up to reality. Not all doctors inside your labour room are women. From anesthetists to your baby’s pediatrician and even your gynecologist, you need to be prepared to show off your ‘lady parts’ to men you don’t even know. Welcome to motherhood!

2.     Your stitches hurt like hell

Giving birth to a baby is no easy task, ask any mom and she will tell you what it was like. And to pull out your little one, doctors at times might have to make a small tear down there, which then gets sutured. So, expect a lot of burn, itching and pain down there. But worry not, your doctor knows how to take care of that too!

3.     You HAVE to pee and poop although you can’t

This is the first thing you will be asked to do, maybe even before you breastfeed your baby. But trust me, you will HATE doing this. After all the trauma, your dear vagina has been through, peeing and pooping will be the hardest thing you can ever do. And we moms, don’t have a choice, do we?

4.     You will hate to breastfeed your baby

There, I said it! Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon which comes instantly to women. Well, isn’t this what you have heard, read and made to believe all through your pregnancy? But turns out this may not be true. In the beginning, you will have a tough time figuring things out. The milk supply might be too much or too less, your baby might have latching issues, your breasts might feel sore and you might not even have the inclination to get started with the journey. But, the only way out of this is- give yourself some time. Take each day at a time and eventually you will start to enjoy the process.

5.     You feel like a punching bag

You hated it when everyone wanted to get a feel of your pregnant belly? Well, wait until your doctor gets her hand on your postpartum pooch. It’s not over yet! In some cases, doctors press the new mom’s belly every two hours after delivery in order to shrink it back to its original size. And this is not fun! It can hurt as badly as a contraction, especially if you didn’t have an epidural.

6.     Your vagina will swell

You might not want to bend down and see how your lady parts are doing simply because you don’t want to be in a state of shock. The labia swell up to two or three times due birthing stress. And this is more common in case of first time moms than those who have had two or three babies already. Take it from us- icepacks can be your best friend. 

7.     You will sweat

Sweating during labour is common because you are pushing your baby out. However, postpartum sweating is also a thing. This is because your body’s estrogen level will drop massively — and the change in hormones will mess with your body’s temperature regulation. Don’t worry: Things will get back to normal within a month or two.

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