Things every woman is forced to tolerate because ‘society’!

We might be modern and forward when it comes to using gadgets and technology, but unfortunately, women are still expected to do a few things, whether they like it or not. A girl snapping conjugal or filial ties is not only looked down but is also ridiculed. And she definitely cannot be the one to back answer or fight back. This, in turn, makes us believe that being ridiculed or looked down is normal or in fact, that is the way it has to be.

Here are some situations all of us have been through and only wished we had a gun in hand!

1.    Not giving it back to the aunty who commented on your complexion

While you wholeheartedly wished you could give her one tight slap, you certainly could not. You clenched your fist and let that moment pass by. And all this simply because you have been taught not to back answer adults and respect them. Sanskaar, you see!

2.    Not slapping that chacha who started at your boobs and said ‘You have grown so much’

You are all of 13. How can you even remotely blame a well-read, well-mannered 40 plus man, who is your relative! The world is sure to turn its back against you if you cry abuse. And who would even think of ‘your uncle’ that way? Sanskaar, you see!

3.    Your in-laws commented on your weight gain

Your mum-in-law passed a snobbish comment about your weight gain after you pushed out a three-kilo baby. You put up with it, eat salads for months or even consider joining a gym. And all this without even asking her back if she was fit as a fiddle after she delivered her son. Sanskaar, you see!

4.    You were asked to control your emotions

Whether you had a bad day at work, you fought with your husband or are PMSing like hell, you are strictly not allowed to be sensitive or emotional. Women are expected to keep a tab on their crazy side. Sanskaar, you see!

5.    Women cannot stay single

You need a relationship to complete you. Why? Because the society says so. Oh, and you definitely cannot explain how all marriages don’t work and how not all single women are unhappy. Sanskaar, you see!

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