Things you can let your husband do for your child so you have more time

After pregnancy and delivery no wonder you are physically and emotionally drained out. Even without a short break, you enter the motherhood. It is more or less a one man. Oops, a one-woman show. Right? Taking care of another human being, even if it is your small bundle of joy, 24/7 is an extremely challenging job. No doubt. You feed the baby throughout the day. Again wakes up every two hours during the night to feed him. You bathe him. You make him sleep. You take care when he feels ill (ending up with sleepless nights). If you have a little older one to look after as well, its no wonder motherhood turns out to be scary. You will be more upset if, when you are in this chaos, your husband is sitting in a parallel universe, relaxed and enjoying his life.

So, how do you get out of this horrible parenting pattern? There are several things in which you can involve your husband so that you can have some time to relax,  take care and pamper yourself. This will recharge you unbelievably.

Do’s and don’t’s

Before letting your husband help you with the child, here are some guidelines:

Men don’t generally pick up on hints or sarcasm very well. Therefore, instead of making indirect and aggressive statements, tell him what to do directly in a gentle manner.
Never expect your swiftness and precision from your husband
Allow your husband to do things in his style. Let him work out his own pattern. Never try to make him do things in your way. That will discourage him. Your baby is smart enough to get used to both the styles.
Acknowledge his work and appreciate him even if you are not fully satisfied. After all,  fathers may not be as much of a perfectionist as mothers when it comes to taking care of the baby.
Let your husband starts with the task he is confident with. Eventually, after building up his confidence level, you can increase the number of tasks.

Tasks you can let your husband do for your child:

All these tasks, improve the bonding of father and child immensely. As the bonding becomes stronger, husbands become more confident and (hopefully) start to volunteer to do more tasks.

Changing the diaper:

This is the most frequent (at least during initial months) but comparatively easy task for your husband. Diaper time is a bonding time as well.

Take baby for a walk:

Whenever the baby is cranky, you can ask your husband to take him for a walk. Babies love fresh air, and sunlight. Use a sling or carrier rather than a stroller. This will keep baby close to dad throughout the walk. This improves the bonding.


You can ask your husband to bottle feed your expressed milk or formula (if the baby is formula fed) so that you can have some peaceful nap. If your baby is formula fed, you can split the feeding time so that you will get some time to take care of yourself.

Bathe the child:

If your husband is confident enough, you can seek his help to bathe the baby. Even if he not confident to bathe, ask him to do the oil massage.

After bath:

If your husband is not likely to bathe the child, you can ask to dry the child, apply creams, make him wear dresses and napkin. Make your husband a part of this chore. It is always better to share a lengthy task with your husband.

Soothing baby:

After a vaccination, or if your baby is ill, he will be in an awful mood. A sick baby is very likely to be fussy and cranky. You will be also drained out physically and emotionally once your baby is sick. Here you should let your husband take the charge. Let him soothe the baby by walking around, gently rocking, singing softly. By this time you can recharge yourself by taking sufficient rest.

Make the child sleep at night:

This is the most relevant task you can let your husband do for your child. Involve your husband in the bedtime routine. Either your husband should bathe the child and be in charge of story time or you could bathe the child and nurse her, and after that give her to your husband for some rocking and soft lullabies.