These myths and facts about your kid’s nutrition will hurt you!

As parents, we all tend to get a little too worried about our kid’s nutrition. Questions like is he eating enough, is he getting all the required nutrition and am I feeding him right, always linger on our mind. However, it is important to understand what nutrients and how much our little ones need. Over feeding or ensuring your kid eats three square meals a day are all myths which associated with a child’s nutrition.

Here are a few misconceptions about your child’s nutrition you never knew!

Myth 1: Your child should eat three square meals a day

Fact: Remember your child’s tummy is the size of your fist. So stuffing so much is definitely not going to do any good. Instead, try multiple small meals. Carrot sticks, cheese slices, and other healthy snacks can fill your little one’s tummy and will also prevent them from binging on junk.

Myth 2: You must feed your child at least a few bites of healthy food

Fact: Children disliking food is a very common thing. However, as moms, we always worry about their nutrition and tend to force feed, even if it means two or three spoons that will go in. But, turns out that force feeding might not help your kid’s body absorb the nutrition. Instead, try serving the food in an attractive way or encourage them to eat it themselves.

Myth 3: Fruits can compensate for veggies

Fact: The battle with vegetables is something every parent would relate to. But, some of us do think that kids can eat more fruits in order to compensate for the veggies. Fruits are sweet and kids tend to take an instant liking. However, vegetables contain phytochemicals, a substance which is not found in fruits. Your child's diet should include a variety of foods from all five food groups - dairy, fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein (lentils, soya, eggs, meat).

Myth 4: Sugar makes kids hyperactive

Fact: Most parents swear by this myth and in fact avoid adding sugar in the child’s diet for a good 2-3 years. However, simple sugars do not lead to hyperactivity as they get digested easily, causing an immediate blood sugar drop. It is the environment that defines how lively your child is and not any of these factors.

Myth 5: Low fat, low carbs are good for kids too

Fact: As adults, we tend to get conscious about our weight gain and most of us switch to low-fat milk and curd and we also end up giving the same to our kids. However, kids need a lot of fats and carbs for healthy development. So, fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products are a must for growing children. This will also leave the child satisfied and keep them full for longer, preventing them from snacking on junk.  

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