These gym outfits will make you look slimmer in a jiffy! Bought it yet?

Gym mirrors can be harsh! Just when you are sweating it out to shed those extra kilos, the mirror shows your reflection, good enough to de-motivate you. But, worry not! We have a simple solution. Tweaking your gym wardrobe a bit can help you look slim and trim in a jiffy. From flaunting blacks to playing the layering game here are five tricks that play up the body part you love and downplay those you don’t!

Follow these hacks and look slimmer in no time!

All black

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Black is the trick to hide those flabs and we all know it! So why not apply the golden rule to your gym wear? Go all black and sport a sexy pair of tights with a razor back tee or pick a well-fitted yoga pant. Whatever you wear, black is the first and foremost trick to look thinner when you sweat it out at the gym.

Fitted ankle length pant

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Fitted ankle length yoga pants are the little black dress among gym goers. The fitted ankle look makes you look slimmer. What’s plus? These can double up for night time wear and look classy when teamed with flats or heels.

One shoulder top

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If arms are your problematic area and you want to camouflage them while working out, then off-shoulder tops can be your best friend. Thanks to sartorial tricks, off-shoulder tops fool the eye into seeing a thinner, toned arm. Whatever you do, avoid cap sleeves as they can make your arms look bulkier.


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Needless to say leggings can be the easiest way to fake leaner legs without breaking your bank account. From high-waisted yoga leggings to simple stretch ones, leggings are a universal solution to bulky legs. However, make sure you pick black!

Layering game

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Play the layering game if you want to hide those bulges and look super fit. Double tees, tights and sport shoes are all you need to look hot and confident while exercising your abs and thighs.