These celebrity breastfeeding stories are so real it could be your own!

Good times gallop away overnight! Remember those days when you struggled hard to figure out if your little one was latching right or fed enough? Well, breastfeeding is a bittersweet experience for most women and even before we realise, the journey also comes to an end. There may be challenges, worries; advice pouring in from family and friends, but what eventually keeps every mom going is the bond she shares with her new born.

And for some of our Bollywood moms too motherhood has been full of learning, unlearning and wonders! These breastfeeding stories are so relatable; it could actually be your own!

1. Aishwarya Rai

It seems like yesterday that Lil Aaradhya came into the world, but Ash’s pretty princess is already five! And like most moms, Aishwarya also fought her battle of worries after she delivered her baby. From being criticised for her weight gain to tackling a tough pregnancy, this mom was always a target, for reasons more than just one. However, when it came to her daughter, Ash did it all the traditional way, be it eating for two or binging on goondh ke laddoo!

Shobha De once said:

“Ash has chosen to invest in her daughter, rather than hit the gym neurotically or starve herself to fit into those old jeans. Ash has her priorities in place – her mommie-time with the baby could well be the best decision of her life. Besides, the glow of motherhood is the best cosmetic in the world…” 

2. Lara Dutta

An active supporter of breastfeeding, Lara has always believed in consistently breastfeeding her daughter Saira. Apart from boosting the child’s immunity, the actress feels that breastfeeding helped her strengthen her bond with her baby and also get back in shape faster.

"Being a mother is the most beautiful aspect of a woman's life. It is also a great responsibility. As a mother I want to help all new and expectant mothers understand the importance of breastfeeding. Apart from exercising and dieting, breastfeeding helped me to tone my body up to get back to acting.”

3. Karisma Kapoor

This mom’s breastfeeding story was a yummy one! Karisma focused on her diet and binged on dairy products, soups and salads. Chicken and fish were always part of her postnatal meal. The actress did not succumb to pressures of dieting or working out and made sure she ate healthy, in order to be able to nurse her kids.

“Women often have various notions about some foods which should or shouldn’t be eaten when they are pregnant. And when it is about shedding kilos after pregnancy, it becomes even more crucial to lose weight in a safe manner without depriving your body of the essential nutrients. After all, you need to breastfeed your baby and manage other tasks as well and not eating right will only harm your body.” 

4. Sonali Bendre

After Sonali delivered her baby, she followed recommendations from her family and friends and also chalked out a timetable for breastfeeding and weaning. However, nothing worked and she later understood that breastfeeding was a long journey and there can be no timetable for it. Sonali in fact, documented her experiences in a book titled “A Modern Gurukul”. Here she has penned down her journey as mother, her struggles and experiences.  

5. Raveena Tandon

Raveena faced a lot of pressure in order to get back in shape soon after her delivery. However, the actress focused on her baby and ate right, steering clear of dieting. And this also helped her experience nature’s own miracle- losing weight by breastfeeding.

“Breastfeed for at least 6 months. Don't give in to the pressure of getting back in shape in an insanely short time. It's neither good for you, nor your newborn. Check with your gynae what foods you should be consuming. Strict dieting at this time is a no-no. And yes, breastfeeding can actually help you burn calories!”

6. Twinkle Khanna

 Twinkle’s breastfeeding story is a combination of witty and sensible. Apparently Akshay made sure she had all the space and relaxation post delivery and also pampered her a lot. Now, this is not about being romantic, but is the right support every woman deserves from her husband post pregnancy. Twinkle’s experience, in fact, seems to be a standing joke in the household. Here’s what she blogged about recently:

‘Mom it’s nice but a little dull, add some jokes like you always do, how about the one you tease dad with?’

At my perplexed expression, he continues, ‘You keep saying that when I was a baby and you were breastfeeding me, guests came to see you and dad told everyone to wait because you were milking! Add that joke!’”

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