These celebrities have dishes and drinks named after them! Tasted it yet?

A celebrity is not a celebrity unless they have things named after them. Well, you might have heard of areas, streets or even fashion labels named after your favourite star, but have you ever heard of dishes named after celebrities? Sounds yummy?

Yes, Bollywood has had such an overwhelming impact on us that it has now crept even into restaurants and kitchens. From milkshakes to cocktails and chicken, here are some dishes named after your favourite celebrity.

Now, that gives you more reason to binge!

1. Kareena Kapoor

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Believe us or not, the size zero mommy has a soft corner for pizzas! Keeping this in mind, an Italian joint, when opened in Delhi named a pizza the Kareena Kapoor size-zero pizza. The size zero pizza is a thin crust pizza topped with finely diced chicken, red chilies, baby corn, onions and low-fat cheese. This was during her Tashan days when her ultra slim body took the industry by storm.

2. Akshay Kumar

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Celebs have dishes and drinks named after them, but for Akshay, it was his character from the film Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobara. Some sequence in the film was shot at a resort in Oman and inspired by the actor, the resort launched a special cocktail named Shoaibtini at an event that marked the film's release.

3. Mallika Sherawat

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During one of her trips, Mallika visited a popular milkshake bar called Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood. To her surprise, the place had a shake, named after the gorgeous actress, which was called the ‘Mallika Shake’ on their menu. The milkshake is made with blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and topped with chocolate sauce.

4. Sonam Kapoor

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Sonam has a cake named after her. On her 25th birthday, a mango blueberry cake made by a Mumbai-based confectionery was named 'Sonam Special.'

5. Ranbir Kapoor

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When Ranbir was shooting for Raajneeti, he happened to eat at a Dhaba in Chandigarh. The owner served him a special chicken and even named the dish after the actor. So the next time you are in Chandigarh, don’t forget to savour some Ranbir chicken!

6. Priyanka Chopra

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After Mallika Sherawat, it was Priyanka Chopra who had a milkshake named after her at Millions of Milkshakes. This one was made of bananas, almonds, and caramel sauce with vanilla ice cream and a splash of ginseng drink.

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