These celebrities followed their heart and have no qualms about it!

Our society has a few rules and regulations and anyone who violates it is often looked down or slammed at. And these rules only get more rigid when it comes to marriage and pregnancy. However, just like Kareena broke norms during her pregnancy and also made a few bold statements, a few other celebs also took the unconventional route and have succeeded changing rules.

Some of their actions were criticised and even had peoples raising their eyebrows, but they have also been appreciated for the same.

Meet the celebs who broke the rules and won hearts!

1. The IVF route

The IVF route
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Celebrities going the IVF way to have kids might be a norm now, but back then it definitely was a big deal. While SRK, Aamir, Karan Johar and Tusshar Kapoor are the recent additions to the list, it was Farah Khan who first came forward and openly admitted about the medical help she had taken to become a mother. Kudos to you, Farah!

2. Single mom adoption children

Single mom adoption children
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Despite living in a country where single women are often questioned and criticised, the gorgeous Sushmita Sen broke all norms and was bold enough to adopt two daughters. The actress says,

"I don't think I should walk with the system. Our society has made this system that gets graduate at 18, start worrying about marriage by 22, and have your first child by 27. I don't believe in that. Every person's DNA is different."

Miss Universe pageant, she was asked, “If you have the time and money to embark on a great adventure, what would that be?”

She replied: “Adventure is something that I enjoy within me, and I think children are the little things that can really bring lots of adventure in life. If I have lots of money, I would do something for them.”

And she stood by her words!

3. Pregnant before marriage

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Like it or not, our Bollywood ladies have done this too, breaking the rules. Just before she got hitched to Boney Kapoor, Sridevi admitted that she was expecting a baby. Well, the news did get tongues wagging, especially because Boney was already married then.

4. Marrying with a huge age gap

Marrying with a huge age gap
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Who would ever say Shahid and Mitra are not made for each other. Age is just a matter for a few celebrity couples who proved that love knew no boundaries. Be it Dharmendra and Hema Malini or the very recent Shahid and Mira who married with an age gap of 13 years, age difference was never a problem for these couples.

5. Getting married post 40

Getting married post 40
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As a norm, the Indian society expects women to be married at a certain age and anything above 30 is considered as a reason to panic. But, no more! Our celebrity ladies have done this too and made things easier for us. Preity Zinta sealed the deal with Gene Goodenough when she was 41 and so did Urmila Matondkar.  Thanks to these divas, the norm has been broken for good!

6. Having kids after 35

Having kids after 35
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Late pregnancies often come with complications said all! However, some of our ladies broke the convention and conceived after 35. Aishwarya Rai, Madhuri Dixit, Farah Khan, Rani Mukherjee and Shilpa Shetty are a few divas who welcomed motherhood post 35 and we must say they are winning hearts with their parenting skills too!