These 4 things make a good husband a great father

Some men might be great husbands but not great fathers. Then there are some who are good husbands, but amazing fathers. We all know those men, they are among our relatives, our friends, our acquaintances. But there are some things that make a man a great husband AND a great father. Here are four of them:

He shares the load

No, not just the usual household chores like paying the bills, but he pitches in to help you with the kids every step of the way. Washing the baby’s diapers, feeding the children, doing the laundry, cleaning up the kitchen — we are talking heavy-duty stuff.

Cooks for the kids

It’s always mommy to the rescue when the hunger pangs hit, isn’t it? How about making the hubby slave in the kitchen for a change? Oh, we don’t really mean slave. But a small-scale sandwich isn’t going to take a lot of effort, or a banana-mango milkshake perhaps (both for the kids and you!). Every man should have basic cooking skills, they come in real handy in emergencies. So if you’ve got a husband who is willing and happy to don the apron once in a while, you’re a lucky lady.

Doesn’t say “Mom will do it”

There are plenty of things that kids ask for, to which dad’s patent reply is “Mom will do it”. This can be anything from a school project to making a snack to ironing the uniform. The reason is usually “She knows it better” or “I have no idea how to do it”. Here’s a tip: Learn it cos it ain’t rocket science, fellas. A good husband a great father never says “mom will do it”, he says “Hm, let me try.”

Never puts her down in front of kids

That you will fight in front of your children is a given. Unless you’re that weird couple who decides to always be nice to each other so that your kid doesn’t get emotionally scarred. (P.S: That’s not the right way to fight, folks...this is.) By all means, argue, raise your voices even, but a good father will never, ever put a mom down in front of the little ones. Of course, it goes both ways. Never utter insults like “you’re so stupid” or “you don’t even know how to do such an easy thing”. You get the idea.