These 12 parenting hacks will make your kid more independent AND make life easy for you

How many times have kids dripped ice cream on their clothes while eating off a stick? It's too messy, so we avoid buying them ice candies altogether. Now, we can do it without thinking twice or hurrying our kids to finish eating quickly because of these superb parenting hacks! Try them, won't we?

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How not to spill bubble solution


Every parent has faced this problem at least once. On the one hand, your kid gets excited about catching the bubbles. On the other hand, he wants to hold the container with the soapy liquid and blow the bubbles himself. Pretty challenging task for one little guy, don’t you think? As a result, the spilled bubble solution makes the floor very slippery and leaves your child upset about the whole thing. Try this simple trick: stick the container to the chair using some tape. This way your kid will get his new cool no-spill bubble tumbler to play with.

How to prevent those ice cream stains


Ice cream won’t ruin your child’s clothes if you use a cupcake case as a popsicle drip-catcher.

How to be more organized

Children colorful clock

Help your kids with their routines by creating this fun colorful clock for them. Just color code the segments on your children’s clock, and from now on they’ll know when it’s time to play or to do their chores.

How to turn housework into a fun game

turn housework into a fun game

Your child will gladly do the sweeping if you turn the whole process into a game. Use some colorful Scotch tape to make a square on the floor, and tell him that his special mission is to score a goal.

How not to mix up the keys

Keys painted with different colour

How to tell which shoe goes on which foot

one can match up the sticker and get their shoes on the correct feet.

How to hold a pen correctly

Use napkin to hold the pen or pencil properly

How not to get locked in

some Scotch tape if you want to prevent small children from accidentally locking

Use some Scotch tape if you want to prevent small children from accidentally locking themselves in a room or asking for your help whenever they need to open a closed door. Kids love to slam doors, don’t they?

How to use the right amount of toilet paper

Colorful "stop" arrows will tell your kid how much paper they need.

Colorful "stop" arrows will tell your kid how much paper they need.

How to get them to brush their teeth for two minutes

Set An hourglass for 2-3 minutes

It’s difficult for children, and sometimes even for grown-ups, to know if they’ve spent enough time brushing their teeth. An hourglass, set for 2-3 minutes, is a perfect solution for you and your child. Another smart idea is to find a children’s song that lasts for at least 2 minutes, and turn it on every time your kid brushes their teeth.

How not to get lost in a mall

Write your phone number, his/her (or your own) full name on your child’s wrist with permanent marker

It’s easy for a child to get lost in a mall or during a crowded event on the street. To find your child more quickly, try this. Write your phone number, his/her (or your own) full name on your child’s wrist with permanent marker before going out. Also, teach your child how to behave in such a serious situation. For example, tell them they have to wait for you in the same place where they lost you, or they could turn to a woman with a child or a store employee for help, etc.

How to behave while mom unloads shopping bags

Place a bright sticker on your car

To prevent your hyperactive kids from running around the parking lot while you’re busy unloading shopping bags or younger children, offer a fun game. Place a bright sticker on your car, and tell your child he’s a transformer robot who needs to recharge his batteries at this time.

Know any smart hacks that can make a parent’s life easier? Go ahead and share them in the comments!

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