‘There is no ‘ideal’ diet’!

Talk about dieticians and there is no way you will miss out on this celebrity name! Rujuta Diwekar, the country’s most followed and loved dietician is known as much for her unorthodox diet advice as for her A-list clients (Kareena Kapoor topping the list). From Kareena's size zero look to her heavily publicised efforts to shed weight post pregnancy, Rujuta has been the brain behind it all.

After making a debut in Bollywood, Rujuta diversified and grabbed headlines with her book Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight in 2009. This turned out to be an instant hit and very soon the celebrity dietician tossed up a sequel - Women and The Weightloss Tamash. Both books sold out like hot cakes and Rujuta soon became the ‘most wanted’ dietician in town.

From including ghee and rice in your diet to getting rid of that weighing scale, Rujuta spills the beans on some of the best-kept weight loss tips in an email interview with Zenparent.

Read on and steal the tips!

You believe in eating locally. Tell us more about it.

The whole idea of eating local or seasonal is a very scientific idea. And the most up-to-date information in nutrition science fortunately also happens to be the exact same as the home-grown wisdom of our dadis and nanis. So, our grandmas were, in their own vernacular language were actually speaking the language of science.

What is it that new moms need to do post pregnancy?

Most of us obsess about what to eat during pregnancy or once we have delivered, but Pregnancy Notes has a whole chapter on what you must be eating before you conceive. That is extremely important because once you are in shape before you conceive, the other half of the story becomes easier.

That said, stay with the basic stuff post pregnancy. Eat right (do not eat the child’s leftover), exercise regularly, know where to stop eating and lastly don’t obsess about your weight. Give your body at least 2-4 months to get back in shape. Crash diets might help you lose weight faster, but you can be sure it will all pile back. A balanced approach with about 150 hours of exercise per week and a healthy diet will help you knock off that post pregnancy weight.

Super foods for new moms

Super foods are extremely important for new moms as lactating mothers need more energy and stamina. Foods like ghee, aliv (water crest seeds) are excellent for lactating moms and also prevent hair loss. Apart from these, coconut is also a must for new moms as it boosts stamina and prevents UTI and vaginal infection.

Celebrities set fitness goals. But what are the challenges for regular people?

Celebs are people who have made it to the top in their own field. And that definitely needs a lot of hard work. Especially, in a field like acting, there is nothing that one can do by merely sitting in a place. You can never see an actor sit for more than 5-10 minutes. They are either dancing, acting, rehearsing their dialogues or trying out costumes. It is a challenging field. But, that said, our celebs believe a lot in ‘grandma’s wisdom’ and also try to follow that in their life.

Whether you are a mother or not, the key to staying fit and fabulous is being yourself. Being your own, not a remake of someone else!

Is there something called the ‘ideal’ diet?

There is no ‘ideal’ diet. But I do believe in a diverse diet. Eating hyper local food is the key. Whether it is idli, poha, puttu, namkeen or chai, we all belong to a particular place and our body will also tune itself only according to that type of food. So eating the food that belongs to your region, the food that in season and is cooked with love is what I would call ‘ideal’.

Advice for all the moms out there

1. Don’t treat ghee and rice like your enemies. They are our traditional food and our dadis and nanis insisted we ate them for a reason.

2. The weighing scale makes you feel inadequate, especially post pregnancy, so get rid of it. If you were going by the weighing scale to lose weight that could be the worst thing you could do to yourself.

3. Listen to your body if you want to lose weight in a healthy way. Intelligent women do not have a weighing scale at home.

4. It takes a village to raise a baby. So, pay attention to what you eat. And ensure you are not on FB or watching TV while eating.

Feature Image Source: Deccan chronicle