The top 10 schools in Bangalore

The top 10 schools in Bangalore

As promised, part four of our admission series. After detailing the best-known alternative schools in India, the major differences between local and international curricula and a holistic list of the top Indian boarding schools, now, we have all the details you need to know of the 10 highest ranked schools in Bangalore. Both CBSE, ICSE syllabi and international and alternative institutions feature in this list based on Education World’s 2016 rankings.

1. Indus International School, Bangalore

Indus International School, Bangalore

Founded in 2003 with a batch of only 98 students, this institution now enrolls 975 students at a time. It has an excellent student-teacher ratio, with 120 highly trained teachers offering instruction. In 2008, the EducationWorld-C fore survey listed it among the top 12 international schools in the country, so you can be sure that your child benefits from the best education available in the city. The 20-acre campus in Bangalore’s IT corridor alone might make it a worthwhile place for her.

Board: International Baccalaureate (IB)
Grades: Primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Billapura Cross, Sarjapur
Annual fee: Rs 1,90,000 to Rs 380,000

For admissions, fill in the enquiry form at

2. The Valley School, Bangalore

The Valley School, Bangalore

Featured in our top 15 alternative schools article, The Valley School is one of seven J Krishnamurti institutions in the world, five of which are in India. All of these are dedicated to a rounded education that surpasses plain academics. If you want your kid to be in a place where she’s showered with attention, where she grows up with the happy belief that all the world is as beautiful as its 120-acre campus, look no further. If you thought the student-teacher ratio at Indus International was fantastic, you should see this: 365 students with a whopping 60 teachers.

Board: Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CICSE)
Grades: Primary, secondary, higher secondary (no exams till the 10th board)
Where: Thatguni Post, Kanakpura Road
Annual fee: Rs. 1,35, 000

For admissions, request for the application form at

3. Mallya Aditi International School, Bangalore

Mallya-Aditi-International-School, Bangalore

Ranked fourth amongst day schools throughout India by the EducationWorld-C fore India School Ranking Survey, 2012, Aditi’s training follows its students’ aspirations, and can be as diverse as art and design, economics, sociology, social work, business and even medicine. It’s no wonder that its name comes up amongst the best schools in Bangalore. It began in 1984 under the aegis of the Ujwal educational trust, led by prominent educationists Anne Warrior and Geetha Narayanan. You should look at this if you’d like your child to have the opportunity to begin exploring her interests within formal education itself at an early age.

Board: ICSE and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
Grades: Primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: New Town Yelahanka
Annual fee: Rs 1,50,000

For admissions, keep checking the website for application forms at

4. Jain International Residential School, Bangalore

Jain International Residential School, Bangalore

The campus is home to 750 students. And this is the only school we’ve featured so far that sets ethical awareness as a standard for learning. If your child is just beginning school at first grade, then this isn’t the place for her - it starts only at fourth grade. But keep it in mind for her middle school, if only for the 300-acre campus and top class equipment like e-boards, projectors and air-conditioned classrooms. Welcome to luxury education to its fullest.

Board: CBSE, Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP)
Grades: Middle, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Jakkasandra, Kanakpura Road
Annual fee: Rs 2,00,000

For admissions, download the application form from

5.The International School, Bangalore

The International School, Bangalore

A sister school of the better-known National Public School (NPS) chain, TISB is located in the outskirts of the city. This is another institution that EducationWorld-C fore survey has featured on its lists; it was ranked seventh in 2012 throughout India. Its main aim is to get its students into notable institutions abroad, which is why the academic year ends in August, as opposed to the usual March-April. If you’re already planning higher education for your child in USA, UK or Australia, we strongly recommend this school.

Board: IGCSE and IB
Grades: Kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: NAFL Valley, Whitefield-Sarjapur Road
Annual fee: Rs 5,60,000 to Rs 6,50,000

For details about admissions and to download the necessary forms, visit

6. Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore

Vidyaniketan school, Bangalore

Boasting an entirely Indian and secular education, Vidya Niketan is run by the Kasturba Educational Trust. The main plus-point of this school is that it’s much more easy to access than some of the others as it’s located within the city. Plus, it’s budget-friendly. It has discipline and excellence as its motto and claims that it prepares its students for their futures. We recommend it if you’d rather that your kid follow a more traditional approach in her learning.

Board: ICSE and Indian School Certificate (ISC)
Grades: Primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Hebbal
Annual fee: Rs 60,000

For more information about admissions, find its contact information at

7. Inventure Academy, Bangalore

Inventure Acadamy, Bangalore

Located in the outskirts of the city, Inventure’s 20-acre campus might seem small after Valley and Jain, but its three amphitheatres, toddler pool, sand pit area, counselling room and clinic with an experienced nurse and doctor on call all the time compensate for it. It’s no wonder, then, that it’s listed amongst the top 10 schools in Bangalore. Aiming to foster traditional values through modern methods in its kids, it works around activity-based and multidisciplinary approaches. Its extracurricular activities include field trips, community outreach programmes and internships.

Board: CISCE and CIE
Grades: Kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Whitefield, Sarjapur Road
Annual fee: Rs 1,70,000 to Rs 2,00,000

To obtain an enquiry form about admissions, visit

8. Vidyashilp Academy, Bangalore

Vidyashilp School, Bangalore

For a school founded by a non-educationist, Vidyashilp is remarkably progressive on its base ideas. Ravindra Vithlani belonged to the marketing field, and his only connection with education before he founded this academy in 1998 was his wife, who had opened Vidyaniketan just a couple of years ago. From the beginning, its focus has been not on textbook learning but on intellectual development and practical learning based on interaction. It continues to maintain a student-teacher ratio of 1:9, which is what it began with, although it now comprises 1740 children and 192 staff members.

Board: ICSE and IGCSE
Grades: Primary and secondary
Where: Yelahanka
Annual fee: Rs 1,29,000 to Rs 2,49,000

For information about admissions, send an email to

9. Stonehill International School, Bangalore

Stonehill International School, Bangalore

Ranked 15th in the most admired international schools in India category, this school too comes under the EducationWorld-C fore survey. Another vast 33-acre campus makes it a hard place to gloss over, especially since it’s located in open Bangalore countryside. Academically, it emphasises the necessity of integrated education, and pushes for the idea that all subjects need to be interrelated for the right kind of learning. It’s an elite setup, catering to expatriate families, so if you’d like your child’s upbringing to be multicultural, you should certainly consider this one.

Board: IB
Grades: Kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Tarahunise Post
Annual fee: Rs 4,68,135 to Rs 12,47,612

For details about admissions, send an email to

10. Ebenezer International School, Bangalore

Ebenezer International School, Bangalore

This institution’s claim that it is considered a hallmark in bringing about educational change might indeed be true. Its founder, Dr Abraham Ebenezer, has had several honours conferred on him, notable ones being the Rajyotsava Award for Excellence in Education, 2005 from the Karnataka government and the Derozio Award. The school provides every staff member access to the internet at all times so that they will be able to inculcate fully updated knowledge into their teaching. The cyber centre also ensures that you are always up-to-date on what your child is learning, as you’ll receive an email every day about her lessons and activities.

Board: CICSE, CIE, ISC, IGCSE and A level
Grades: Kindergarten, primary, secondary and higher secondary
Where: Singena Agrahara Road, Huskur
Annual fee: Rs 94,000 to Rs 2,60,000

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