The scary reason why you MUST NOT wear underwear to bed!

How long do you take to pick your underwear every morning? Let’s be honest. We all open that draw, pick one and rush to shower, don’t we? In the constant worry to dress well, we often neglect our underwear and our feminine health. But, what’s the point in wearing that sexy dress, if you are going to spend your day pulling and tugging your underwear!

Ladies, it's time you pulled out your underwear drawer and corrected these mistakes!

1.    Not going commando in the night!

Believe it or not, it’s actually good to take off your undies before you finally call it a day. By wearing your underwear and your pajamas all through the night, you are actually making your privates way too warm, giving room for bacteria to reside. So, if there’s ever a time to break out the granny panties, this is the time!

2.    Washing machines are not for undies!

The fabric with which underwear is made is extra soft and delicate. Putting them into the machine can let them lose their shape and elasticity. So, ensure you hand wash them, with a mild detergent. Also, you don’t want your other clothes getting washed with your panties, do you?

3.    Not changing  your underwear when you sweat

We are sure your gym bag has a towel, a water bottle and possibly a change of dress, but what about the underwear.  Working out is great, but you definitely need to ensure you stay clean too. So, it's best you have a shower right after your workout or at least carry an extra pair of knickers you can change into, soon after your workout.

4.    Thongs are not good!

There we said it! Thongs might be the sexiest thing to wear, but we are sorry to say, they can be the worst thing you could do to your vaginal health. Thongs can cause friction and lead to E-coli accumulation, which can also make its way into your bladder, leading to a bladder infection.

5.    Not wearing the right size

Last, but definitely not the least, not wearing the right size can be the master of all blunders. Not only are you going to spend your day pulling and adjusting, but it can also lead to yeast or UTI infection.

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