The real reason you are not ready for sex post baby! (P.S: Men make note!)

It’s no secret that even after six to seven weeks of postpartum; most women don’t seem ready for the deed! Pushing a human out is definitely a big task and it can take a while for your libido to get acting over again. From disproportionate breasts to hormonal fluctuations and dreading to be caught red-handed by the baby, there are many reasons why women might not really be ready to get down and dirty soon after they little human arrives.

So, dear men, here are cues your lady love is not ready yet!

1. You are worried if your baby will make note!

Babies are not going to make a note of your love making scenes or the number of kisses you exchange. But still, there are times when you cringe dreading the ‘ewwws’ from your baby. While your baby is definitely not going to bother, new moms often hate PDAs in front of their babies.

However, studies suggest that a little bit of PDA in front of your kids can make them understand what a healthy relationship looks like. So lean over give your lover a kiss! Save the rest however for behind the doors!

2. Your comfort levels change

You no longer enjoy wearing those skimpy night clothes! Your body has undergone a sea of changes and the hormones and the breastfeeding all cause hot flushes. So, while you do like the air conditioner in full blast, you also make sure you are layered while going to bed. Now, no man would be interested in a woman sleeping with sweat shirts and blankets!

3. Your bleeding is troubling you

While your partner might have enjoyed sex with you even during periods, you dread what he would think about your post delivery bleeding. Add to that a sutured vagina and a maternity pad, and you are sure you are not ready for the deed yet!

4. You haven’t showered in days

It happens! New moms often skip showers and when others offer to babysit, they prefer eating or taking a nap. So the next time you husband asks you ‘Do you want to shower?’, you know where that is coming from! And this is another reason why you still are not there yet. Showering is not priority for a new mom. And when her baby is sleeping, she prefers doing the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the house and of course eating a meal! So, it’s perfectly alright that you are not ready for intimacy yet and chances are he won’t too!

5. You are not confident about your post baby body

Let’s admit it! There is no way you are going to go back to that pre-baby body, even if you did have a normal delivery. Your tummy might still look like you are pregnant, your breasts sag and leak and your body odour is all over the place. All these are sure to bog down how you feel about yourself. But hang in there, things are sure to change and you will soon see yourself having a rocking time on the bed. 

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