The perfect bath for your baby

You open your eyes. The sun falls right across the room from the eastern window. It’s a cool morning, the rain has abated, and the world smells like a glass of ginger lemonade. The bottle brush flowers on the tree outside your window twinkle with water residue. Today, you’re happy to be awake, alive and fresh with your one-year-old.After your own morning routine is complete, you reach out for your baby. She feels softer than usual, and her sleepy smile makes you want to clench your teeth and coo softly. You inhale deeply; the aroma of last night’s Himalaya baby lotion lingers on her skin. It’s a beautiful day, and you want to do something different, something unusual. So, instead of taking the baby into the bathroom for her bath, you bring the tub out into your little courtyard.Normally, you’d use a rubber mat to avoid having to dry the floor later, but today, the tub rests on softened earth. The water you’ve filled it with is just the right temperature – you’ve tested it by dipping your elbow in once. When you sit her down inside, and smear her with Himalaya Nourishing Baby Soap. Bubbles dance on the surface; she scoops up the foam, throws it at you and laughs. You throw a little back at her, making sure it doesn’t fall anywhere close to her face, and she giggles again.The goodness of sunflower oil, honey, castor oil and milk has begun to work its miracle on her skin over the last few weeks. Her skin is soft and supple, even in the monsoon, and it makes you think of marshmallows with chocolate sauce. You lather her with a wet sponge, and then it’s time for shampoo. The scent of hibiscus is mild, and your baby loves the coolness of khus grass on her scalp. When dappled sunlight makes rainbows through her hair, she blinks and smiles. Finally, you gently lift her out, sit her on the rubber mat and wash her with clean water out of a small bucket, asking her to close her eyes. Then, you lay her on your lap in a fluffy white towel to pat her dry.The sun caresses her skin as you squeeze a tube of Himalaya Baby Cream onto your cupped palm, rub your hands together and gently run them over her body, massaging olive oil, country mallow and licorice into her. She feels like besan halwa, and it’s all you can do not to scoop up spoonful of her and let her melt in your mouth. As you knead softly, she looks into your eyes, and you keep eye contact for as long as she does because you’ve heard that she’ll bond better with you that way.Once she’s wiggled into her little shorts and t-shirt, she snuggles into your breast and suckles hungrily. In about twenty minutes, her eyes start to close, so you let her drift off. For a while, you continue to sit on the grass, enjoying the warmth of the day. As you carry her back in, you think of how special today’s bath was, with the fragrance of moist earth, the feel of the morning sun and all the elements of nature combined to nourish your baby.