The need of the hour – Monitoring child safety

When we think of child abuse, the form that strikes most fear in all our hearts is sexual abuse, followed by physical abuse. The mere thought of someone violating your child is enough to turn your stomach and gather your baby in your arms and protect him/her forever from all that lurks in this big, bad world. But here’s the truth – you can neither prevent them from going out all the time, nor protect them entirely from lurking around suspicious individuals when they’re away from your company.Here are some disturbing statistics that corroborate the horrors of child sex abuse in India –
  1. A survey carried out by the Ministry of Women’s and Children’s Development (MWCD) in 2007 across 13 states and 12447 children revealed that at least 53.22% of the children had faced one or more forms of sexual abuse, with Andhra Pradesh, and Delhi regions reporting some of the highest numbers. The survey also revealed that 88.6% of the perpetrators were related to the child.
  2. UNICEF studies in India also revealed some chilling statistics –  at least 43% of girls in India have been subject to sexual/physical violence under the age of 19.
  3. Bangalore has reported multiple cases of rape/molestation at the pre-school level by employees of the school. The pre-school industry is largely unregulated, isn’t required to be non-profit by law. This has resulted in overpriced preschools with unverified staff, which has resulted in terrible consequences for the parents and children involved. The terrible part is that Bangalore is neither the first, nor the last city that is going to report such incidents, which goes to show that by paying high fees, parents cannot buy safety.
  4. Boy children are abused just as much or even more than girls are. Molestation is typically associated with girls in the Indian mentality and a lot of what has been happening with our boys has been swept under the rug, from ignorance or neglect. “Virginity” is a premium almost always associated with young girls alone. But recent incidents in Goa/Bangalore have once again reiterated that boys are obviously not immune to such attacks as well.
The statistics aren’t in our favour. But there are things we can do to minimize such incidents. Teaching the “good touch”, “bad touch” before preschool to all kids, boys and girls, is a good start. Choosing well-reputed institutions for education and extracurricular activities is another. But what if your child is a wanderer? Mine is. And when a child wanders out of the perimeter of safety, what then?Introducing Spot by WildCraft – an intelligent tracking system with an SOS button to keep your loved ones safe, no matter where they go. Here are some key features of Spot, which tie into keeping your child safe at all times


  1. GPS tracking of the device through an app at all times, right at your palm through your smart phone. Now, commutes, outdoor trips, excursions or even a day in school can be monitored location-wise at all times, to ensure your child’s safety.
  2. Possibility of setting a safety radius. Alerts if your child wanders out of the “safe zone”.
  3. Emergency contacts can be set and reached through an SOS button. Teaching your loved one to use this will contact the person immediately and alert them to any dangerous situation instantly.
  4. In-app calling to up to 20 contacts, pre-registered as “safe”. Only safe contacts will be able to call the device too.
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