The most common c-section fears and the not-so-scary truth!

Every pregnant woman freaks at hearing the ‘C’ word, doesn’t she? No, we are not referring to something as grave and dangerous as cancer. A c-section is what we mean by the ‘C’ word and most to-be mums dread being wheeled into the operation theatre. However, it is not as scary or deadly as you imagined it to be. So, In case you need to have one, learn the most common c-section fears and the not-so-scary truth behind them.

1.    I’ll have an unnecessary c-section

This is one common fear most to-be-mums have. Having an unplanned c-section is something no woman would wish for. However, there are times we can do little against nature’s will. So, in case, your blood pressure shoots or drops, the baby is positioned head-down, or if there are other medical conditions under which a vaginal birth might put the mother and the baby at risk. Whatever be the situation, it is important for you to remember that your doctor only wants a healthy mom and a healthy baby and she/he would only do what is good for you both.

2.    The surgery will be long and frightening

Any surgery is scary and if it is about your baby, then you have all the more reason to worry. But with the advancement in medicine and science, c-sections are no big deal anymore. Well, at least the medical part of it. The post-operative pain is a whole new story, so let’s not get there. During the surgery you will be awake, but completely numb hip down. In some cases, when the mother is wheeled in for an emergency c-section, general anesthesia is administered. So, while you can be sure to feel a little tugging and pulling, you definitely won’t feel any pain during the surgery.

3.    You will be robbed of the experience of giving birth

This is one feeling all c-section moms experience, don’t they? Well, just like a vaginal birth, a c-section will also allow you to see your baby being born. But, women must not blame themselves if the labour goes unplanned. After all, it is important we focus on the joy of having a healthy baby, than how it all happened. So, stop beating yourself up!

4.    I won’t be able to bond with my baby

A vaginal birth permits moms to breastfeed, hold and cuddle their babies at once and this is another big fear c-sections moms experience. If part of the bonding experience you envision involves nursing, rest assured that having a c-section will have no effect on your ability to do so. However, you may not feel up to nursing as soon as moms who've had vaginal births. Even though c-section mothers usually take four to five days to produce milk -- rather than the average two to three days for women who have vaginal births -- the colostrum should be enough nourishment until your milk arrives.

5.    The recovery will be hell

 C-section recoveries are painful, no doubt. But, it’s not as bad as you imagine it to be. If there are no complications, c-section moms are discharged after 4 days. Pain around the incision area, constipation, and soreness are common after a c-section. However, with the right care and pain killers you will be out of the bed in 3-4 weeks. And of course, carrying or breastfeeding your baby will very much be a part of your routine.

6.    The scar will be big and ugly

C-sections leave you with a scar right above the pubic hair line. However, this will fade with time in colour and size. And homemade remedies and other cosmetic creams will sure help you battle it out. All said and done, it is a war which you fought so bravely. So why shy away from flaunting your bruises!

7.    Once c-section, forever c-section

Having a c-section does not mean you will never be able to have a normal delivery. VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) is common these days and is also recommended by doctors. But it's important to remember that a VBAC is not for everyone. There are serious risks involved and many factors have to be considered by your doctor, such as why the first c-section was necessary, the size and health of your baby, and what type of incision was made on your uterus.

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