My Special Motherhood Moments

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“The joy in motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction.” – Elder M Russel BallardThe quote sums up what motherhood is all about and every woman who has had the fortune of becoming a mother, will realize that life has changed for the better. No doubt, motherhood can be scary and has loads of responsibility and times of sacrifice, but all these dissolve like a sprinkling of sugar in a cup of hot latte, with just the touch or smile of the little one. These moments act as the soothing balm when life challenges you and when life makes you face bad experiences. The journey of motherhood for me (as I know it must be for you too) continues to be an unparalleled experience – one that no instructions, books, advice or any other form of ‘preparation’ can really help with. It is a journey of learning and of becoming stronger with each passing day as a mother and a person.Motherhood, for me, is an excursion of unimaginable joys, unsurpassed elation, trickles of tears and at times, a heavy heart. It is about discovering the inner strength and resilience I never knew I had, the building of values and priorities and of learning that no matter how much the world pushes me down, I will always have my little angel who believes in me and loves me for who I am. In alone time with my daughter – even when she was a tiny baby and I was an overweight ‘giant’, she made me believe that I was the most beautiful and special woman there was in the whole world. At the time when I would shudder to see myself in the mirror, she would look at me with undivided attention, adoration in her eyes and her ‘toothless’ grin made me believe that I was the prettiest person. I remember the time when she was sitting on the bed, still a toddler, and I walked towards the kitchen. She kept leaning forward and toppled off the bed to come crawling behind me. While I was worried she had hurt herself, her unrestrained giggling conveyed that she was delighted to be able to follow me. This one incident I repeat to her even now (much to her teen-aged embarrassment :)).

motherhood memories- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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The other unforgettable moment was when I had to bathe her alone for the first time. With no help, I was scared that I might drown her or give her a bath wrong! I tested the water and gently picked her up and looked into her eyes. She looked back at me and I swear she conveyed, “I know you can do no wrong mamma”. I gave her the bath and those few minutes were pure unadulterated elation – I do not believe that my words are doing justice in expressing that feeling.All of us know how mums and dads try to get the baby’s first words to be for them. My husband would repeat ‘daddy’ to her each time he could steal a lone moment. I had the advantage, because I spent more time with her – singing to her, talking to her, laughing and cuddling with her and of course repeating the word ‘mamma’. On one such ‘competitive’ evening, her father was trying his best again and then I walked into the room – she looked up at me and then as if by magic, the whole room seemed to be lit up with little stars when she said ‘mamma’ and repeated it 3 times. I cried tears of joy and even as I write, I feel my eyes welling up…….Fast forward to 15 years later, she is a tall, pretty teenager – sure of herself and confident in her beliefs and values. She believes it is now her ‘job’ to protect me and displays this whenever we cross a road now. My darling protector holds my hand, gets on to the side that has the oncoming traffic and we cross the road “only from the zebra crossing”. I allow her to lead me, even though she knows that I am surreptitiously keeping an eye out on the road and the traffic.Of course, I cannot always pass boiled and mashed vegetables as a meal or something particularly healthy to her and hope she would eat it always but what I do know is that she would rather eat food cooked by me than fancy stuff from the best restaurants. I am aware that she does not need me for as many things now but I also know that just being there is enough for her. I could go on writing about the moments that make being a mother worth all the sacrifices and compromises, but I guess I have been able to convey what motherhood feels like. Undoubtedly, it is motherhood that completes us.Click here to know how a woman confesses funnily about how being a mommy feels like...Featured Image Source