The Low Down about Baby Pictures on Social Media! Is it okay to post or not?

I was out shopping when I met an ex-colleague who looked at my then 1 year old elder son and remarked, “Wow! It is like meeting a celebrity. I have seen so many pictures flashed across Facebook but finally get to meet the star face-to-face!”Well, my bad! I was quite regular with my photo updates on Facebook and Instagram with my elder son, still I am. And Yes, I have had to hear a fair share of discouraging comments and advice from friends and family alike – It is not safe! What are you trying to prove? Don’t you have anything else to do?We as kids were actually photographed much let alone have photos shared on social media platforms. This generation of children are actually the first to be exposed to the social media. A lot of us parents are thus quite excited and eager to make the most of it. I for one have done it extensively for my elder one but not so much for the younger one. Call me superstitious if you want but the afternoon I uploaded my younger one’s first photo on Facebook that very evening he landed up in hospital with respiratory distress, out of the blue. I decided to back off a little for the younger one, other than that I am totally cool with updating pictures of children on social media.1. It is super effective in maintaining e-relations. Come on, how many likes and comments do you honestly get on other shares and updates? Not just you, anyone? Updates like weddings, babies, etc. get people talking. 2. It is fun! You just had this awesome, oh-so-cute moment with your little one, duh, you want to show it off to your friends and family!3. Those adorable captures bring a smile to a friend’s face and brighten their day too!


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Now of course with this freedom and power comes great responsibility, you might want to remember some aspects when uploading your baby’s picture on the social media platforms:1. Don’t embarrass me mom!Superman briefs for the little one – photo uploaded!“Seriously, a picture of me in my briefs for your 857 friends to see? What is wrong with you ma?”No one is proud of pictures such as this and you sharing it when your baby is 2 yrs old is plain unfair on his 13 yr old self. Choose your pictures wisely and try and ensure that it does not lead to him/ her being shamed in the future.2. There is only this much that one can take!A day at the park – “A” on the swing, “A” on the slip, “A” on the see-saw, etc. – All 498 photos uploaded!As your friend there is only this much that I like on my feeds. I know you have an adorable baby but is there anything else in your life that you could probably focus a little on please and give me a break!3. The true story lies in the details!First day of school, proud in our new uniform – photo uploaded!You are giving clues to psychos out there who may just need that little information to be up to some serious mischief. 4. Excuse me, but that is my baby!Play date with friends – photo uploaded!You might want to be a little more careful when sharing group photos; I may not be okay with my child’s picture on social media. You upload all the photos you want of your baby but not with mine anywhere near her/ him. Also you won’t believe the number of people who will share your baby’s pictures on their timelines. You might want to tweak the audience for the picture.5. An opportunity to bully!I punished my little one and made him stand holding his ears in the corner – photo uploaded!This may end up in his becoming a laughing stock and object of ridicule with the bullies at schools. You do not want to showcase or highlight the little one’s weaknesses or awkward moments for the world to see.So here is what you could do if you choose to upload baby pics on social media:1.Privacy SettingsYou can always change the privacy settings for each of your uploads. Choose a small group of friends and family and give them access to view your lovely pictures.2.Quality tweaksThere are numerous photo editing apps available. You might want to apply a filter or maybe blur the image slightly so as to discourage misuse. You could also drop the resolution of your pictures and people wouldn’t be so keen to use it for other purposes. It also makes prints of the pictures look hideous!3.Locations/ Check-insMost social media apps will ask you if you want to “geo-tag” and of course you don’t want to if you are uploading pictures of your baby!The decision to upload the pictures is of course a matter of debate but like all other parenting choices totally yours to make!