The impossible, amazing brain of a mum

to-do list for working mom - Parenting resources by ZenParent
Welcome to a club that simultaneously drives you up the wall and gives you great, great joy.  Motherhood: You know you’re smack dab in the middle of it when you’re surviving on practically no sleep, more coffee than blood in your system, are wide-eyed vacant and yet fully functional at a steady 70 percent. So you probably suffer from the side effect of scatter brainedness, something you thought was beyond you when you were younger, naïve and childless. Now my entire day is a sequence of, “Did I’s.”Did I…Get my keys?Take the water bottle?Turn off the gas, fans, lights?Lock the door?Close the windows?Soak the dal?Pause at the gate. Cast a mindful eye into purse. Forget to look for house keys anyway. Remember then that I forgot the Activa keys. And the helmet. Now rummage for the house keys. Unlock the door. Find the keys right by the phone cubby. The helmet’s there too. Super. Decide to pee while I’m here anyway. Pee. Come out and take a quick stock. iPad is plugged in. Unplug it. And hide it for good measure. Grab keys, helmet and bike keys and head out. Pause for a second and lock the door and yank at it for whatever reason.As I buckle my helmet, my mind wanders to the son ...Did I...Pack his favourite train?Remember that he likes only his hoodie to wear in the park?Inform the teacher that he had the sniffles last night?Tell my husband he’s going to be picking him up today because I have to work late?And then I wander over to my own work.Did I…Sleep-ecardSend in those emails to my editor yesterday?Add new topics to my section?Update my paysheet?And then to the work for the week back at home...Did I…Sort the laundry?Do the laundry?Fold the clothes?Buy new washing liquid?What about the dishes?sleepingAm I losing my mind? Every single day is a list in my head. And the nights are a small respite. As I lie next to my toddler, reading him The Little Engine That Could for the 100th time, snuggling in the same comforter, stealing kisses, I realise, this is all what I signed up for. And much more. And there’s always tomorrow for a new list of Did I’s or perhaps the same old list. Again. And again.