The food pyramid your toddler thinks is right

I miss the days when I used to breastfeed. And I can honestly say that the saddest precursor to the past three years was the day my son started solids. Until then, I was on terra firma. I knew I was giving him the best possible all-in-one-world-approved-source-of-nutrition – breast milk. Thereafter, it’s been a battlefield. The very idea of doing lunches, picnics, dinner or vacations has me worrying about how I’m going to keep my son alive.And then, I came across this chart, which is perfection and I couldn’t sum it up better myself.The-Toddler-Food-Pyramid-INLINEWell, a picture does say what a 1000 words cannot.The never-gonna-happen groupThis is anything that is clearly edible, in my son’s world. If it’s obviously food, it’s that much more not obvious that it’ll end up in the stomach, or worse, even the mouth. In fact, my son was suspicious when he first saw a green apple, coz, you know, usually, they’re red. And he refused to try it. Go figure. Also, it’s totally ok for toddlers to accept food from strangers that they would never from you. They keep you guessing. What’s the fun if there’s no game?The because-I-didn’t-eat-a-meal group If it wasn’t for the occasional cookie or snacks, how would they be alive? There’s not a lot of research on this, but I think it’s high time some team from some renowned university studies toddlers and figures out their constant source of energy.The how-am-I-still-alive-when-I-never-eat groupSome days, everything fails, even the fries. And yet, they’re growing in height and weight. How how how? If only I could eat as less and move as much as my toddler, I’d be a supermodel by now.The mum-gives-up groupThis group includes, French fries, chips, pakoda, ice cream, sugary items and other junk that your toddler willingly eats when he won’t eat anything else. My go-to food is French fries and I’ve stopped feeling the guilt for them. At least he’s eating something. And hey, they’re potatoes. Potato is a vegetable. Yes, that’s the kind of flawed logic that keeps me sane.