The bitter truth why Indian marriages are failing faster

Switch on any news channel and you can be sure to hear at least one celebrity call it quits! Back then it was Farhan Akhtar. Following suit was Hrithik -Suzanne and Malaika-Arbaaz. Thinking about this, it looks like divorce rates in India have hit the skies (probably we have even outdone other countries). Apparently, the increase in divorce rates also stems from our desperate need to ape the western culture. 

Psychologists reveal that India has witnessed a 100% increase in divorce rates. Well, if you are rolling your eyes already, some cities like Kolkata witnessed a 350 percent increase in divorces from 2003 to 2014.

The birth of the corporate culture, lifestyle changes, and financial independence has in some way increased the stress on marriages not just in the West, but also in our country. So let’s stop playing the blame game and hear out what experts have to say.

1. Urbanisation

The fast-paced world we live it today has in some way become one of the prime culprits for a rise in divorce. The culture and lifestyle have undergone a huge metamorphosis, so much so, that most people tend to prioritise their careers over their families. And even those who do put family first, have very little or no time to devote. That aside, the lifestyle also takes a toll on their health and well being. As a result of all this, earning power becomes the nucleus of existence, often neglecting family and personal relationships.

2. Nuclear families

When was the last time you heard someone say they live in a joint family? I cannot recollect. Nuclear families have become the norm today, which thereby limits emotional and social interaction. Men and women come from different spheres, when it comes to emotional and social needs and a nuclear family only lets you experience a void, fearing which you tend to spend more time at work. Monetary constraints and personal space might be valid reasons for one to choose a nuclear family, but this often leads to dissatisfaction and conflict if the partners are not able to find a middle ground.

3. Gender equality

There are endless debates and arguments about gender bias in our country. Although the practice is not dead completely, there definitely has been a significant change. Today, more women are independent- financially and emotionally. This also means they are unwilling to succumb to family pressure, abusive relationship or chauvinists. Women no longer feel forced to stay in a marriage that does not bring them happiness. The financial independence also gives them the courage to walk out of abusive relationships, without a second thought. 

4. Late marriages

Aishwarya Rai and Kareena Kapoor might be married late, but that does not mean life would have been a bed of roses or that they have it all easy. The later the marriage, the more the problems! This is simply because as you age, you tend to get comfortable with a certain lifestyle and also have your social circles well defined. So, chances are, both of you might not be willing to compromise and as a result, you may lead separate lives. And did we tell you, marriage is full of adjustments and compromises!

5. Incompatibility

Cheating in a relationship does not always mean infidelity. It all stems from incompatibility, physically and emotionally, thereby leading to arguments and emotional distance. In fact, psychologists reveal that couples these days walk in with an intent to confirm the difference of opinion and portray them as irreconcilable to families, more than resolving the issue itself.

However, there is no evidence that all these factors mean that the institute of marriage has lost its value or that people are not willing to marry anymore. The truth is that people no longer prefer to live in abusive marriages and so the ones that thrive till the end are the happy bunch. And this actually means good news because the stigma of divorce is finally eroding. After all, no one deserves to be in an unhappy marriage.

To conclude, whatever your perspective on the divorce rates in India, just keep in mind that there are a whole lot of things you can do to strengthen your relationship.  

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