The best memories of my Husband as a father

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Co-parenting is the need & demand of the present times and though most dads appear to be taking some time warming up to the concept after battling layers of conditioning, they are definitely trying hard and we must hand it out to them for some of the really cute and thoughtful things they go out of their way to do. And make the mommies swoon over them :)These are some adorable ‘dadisms’ that moms loved and confessed by moms themselves.Incident 1 It was a Monday and I woke up with a severe headache and panicked at the thought of readying my kid (convincing him first) and packing him off to school. But before I made the desperate attempt to crawl out of bed I heard some noises coming from the bathroom. My son and his dad were having a splash in the bath tub and it was touching to see my husband wink at me when they came out motioning me to go back to sleep, while he would ready our boy for school, fix him a glass of milk and get him some takeaway for lunch. Awww!! Did I fall in love with my husband all over again that day???’’

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Incident 2 ‘’ My 5 year old daughter loves ice-cream! And one Sunday evening, it was no different when she insisted on having one. We bought a double scoop strawberry ice-cream and PLOP!! A big chunk fell on her white dress and I wanted to scream. Just then, my husband squeezed my hand, carried my daughter to the wash area, asked the service person for some tissues and began cleaning the pink stain. As I looked at them, I smiled thinking that things weren’t so bad after all.Incident 3 ‘’ We were in transit on an international airport and tired to the core. It was then that my 3 year old picked out the perfect time to start being cranky and create a scene. I tried to convince her to sleep but do they ever listen? I looked at my husband in despair and was expecting no response as he was sleepy himself but he stood up, carried our daughter and in a dreamy state; I watched him showing her around the airport and then finally rocking her to sleep in his arms. Whew! I pledged my undying love to him sitting there thousands of miles away from home.’’Incident 4 ‘’I was expecting my second baby and was due soon and my son decided to do potty in his pamper by mistake. I was just inching out of bed when his dad offered to clean him up and once my little one was clean and dry he came running to ME for cuddles. I gave an explanatory and apologetic look to my husband but he gave me a broad smile and joined us in the cuddling too!’’ Priceless moment!

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Incident 5 It was a topsy-turvy day and I realised I was in a very very sticky spot when I was stuck in a jam, forgot to charge my mobile and I was running half an hour late to pick up my daughter from school. I started imagining the worst and thought I would die from a severe panic attack as I literally jumped out of the auto towards her school gate. But. I saw her and my husband sitting on a small ledge near the school gate resting their faces in their palms. (The school had apparently called him when they could not reach me and he knew I would be reaching somehow as I wasn’t informed and so, he was waiting for me to avoid giving me any further scares) Wow!! I wanted to just sit down and imprint that love filled moment in my memory forever.Incident 6 ‘’ My 2 boys got into a fierce sibling fight and I was on the verge of drawing out the big guns as I was very irritated when my husband grabbed them both at their waists and sat them down each on either side and began refereeing towards a cease fire situation, while I went back to reading my book. And although I was reading a horror tale, I had a lingering smile on my face.’’

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Incident 7 ‘’I desperately was trying to get in some lunch into my 4 year old but with little success when out of nowhere my husband took the plate from my hand and in an attempt to get a spoon in my kid’s mouth, showed off and tasted it first. I could immediately sense that he hated what he had just tasted but he never showed it and gulped it heavily with a smile and lo! Our son opened his mouth too. My dear hubby deserved a treat that day’’As much as we’d love to point out their follies, there are times when dads pitch in just at the right times as saviours and are the sources of utmost relief & peace. And though sometimes we want to pull out our hair in frustration at their indifference these small timely acts of support and love remind us that they’re getting there and will make it soon where we’d love them to be.Click here to read why your spouse deserves a daddy badge...