The benefits of Online Tuitions for today’s busy child

online or traditional tuitions- Parenting resources by ZenParent I rewind to the time I was in my late teens, surrounded by a bundle of books, tuition notes, drawing up timetables to balance school and tuitions (for almost every subject!) – are you nodding your head too? Running to the school in the morning followed by tuitions in the evening, it indeed was a mad rush. Didn’t we all wish if there was a simple way through the whole gamut of planning and studying?Fast forward to the present age, technology seems to have made life easier for kids (and for parents as well!) in the form of online tuitions. This has enabled kids to learn at their convenience. The idea behind online education portals is to take teaching to the masses, but in the comforts of their homes. This combined with facilities live teaching, online testing, real time results, and recordings of the sessions are just some of the things that are on offer.Let's check out some benefits of tuitions online that we may not have realised!1. SAFEIn today's times, when we parents are constantly worried about our child's safety, sending children out for long or even late evenings keeps us worried if they're okay or not. Not that children shouldn't go out and face the hardships of life and learn to differentiate the wrong from the right (all of them eventually do), but why not help them relax at home and study via online sessions when they can?2. ACCESSIBILITYThe World Wide Web is a huge ocean of information and online tuitions help to streamline this information by providing access to a wide range of study material to enhance the understanding of a particular concept through Live One-To-One sessions between a child and a teacher or recorded video lectures provided to the child, in case he or she missed the live class for some reason. This can be accessed through a laptop, desktop, phone or a tablet. However, this requires internet connectivity, more so a working one.3. COSTThese classes come at a cost. Parents do pay for personalized online lessons, model papers, tests and videos. But what's great about this facility is that one can first test how good the sessions are by using a free trial, which can also be tailored as per your child's needs, i.e. customized and personalized for your child. Most of it is locked for paid members. However, associated costs such as travel expenses, fuel costs (to name a few) are nil.

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4. EFFECTIVENESSThis personalized two way interaction between the teacher and the student promises better understanding and attention. There is a constant system of feedback, monitoring the child's performance and instant counseling from the teacher, in case, the child needs more help in a specific area of study. Students can take repeated tests in areas they’re weak, thereby improving themselves considerably. Doubts can be cleared anytime.5. FLEXIBILITYFlexibility is one of the key advantages of online tuitions. They offer anytime/anywhere learning and this gives them the opportunity to plan their study time around the rest of their day – basically, they mould into your schedule. Be it early or late in the day, classes can be scheduled according to one’s convenience and the course material is always available. The pedagogy and the pace (of teaching) can be tailor-made to match the capability of the kid. And the parents too can keep a check on how the kid is doing.

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6. REGULAR INTERACTIONSThis offers reticent students the opportunity to participate and never bunk or miss any sessions purposely. Also, there's more scope to identify where exactly a child is facing a problem since the sessions are personal. At the same time, timely assessments enable the teacher to resolve the exact problems faced by the child immediately. It also helps students to concentrate and focus on independent learning. There are also no distractions from other students and/or classroom activity.7. TIMEConsidering that learning happens at home, time taken for travel is saved. The time saved is time grossed for more creative activities – like a hobby, family time or that rare pleasure for every student – absolute rest!Every method of learning has its own merits. When used for the right purpose and with the right people at the right time, any type of learning intervention is likely to produce results.Vedantu is a renowned online tutoring service through which your child can actually interact with a teacher who will teach him/her through the internet. With customized sessions as per your child's needs, timely assessments and feedback; your child will surely enjoy studying without facing any hassles of traveling too. To learn more about Vedantu, click here.You can also sign up for a free session at Vedantu for your child to have an online tuition experience by clicking here.

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