Omg! This is what Kareena and Saif fight over and it’s hilarious!

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s name and fame have been stolen recently and we know who the thief is! Yes, it’s none other than the little Pataudi member- Taimur Ali Khan! Well, we are pretty sure that most of us read, like or hear about the actress (off late) only to know what the little boy is up to. On that note, you definitely need to know about the petty fights this baby boy is creating between his mommy and daddy.

It’s not new when parents fight about who the baby has taken after in his mannerisms or who he looks like. And turns out this holds true even for celebrities! Saif and Kareena have been arguing a lot of late and guess who the reason is? Taimur!

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Yes, from who the baby resembles, to where he got those blue eyes, it looks like Saif and Bebo are having a cat fight every other day. In fact, during an interaction with a leading daily, Kareena admitted that Saif and she fight over Taimur’s lineage. Like most couples, Kareena thinks Taimur is more of a Kapoor while Saif thinks he’s more of a Pataudi!

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His gorgeous blue eyes are passed on from my grandfather and Lolo and that is amazing. I think it’s going to be a beautiful journey,” Kareena Kapoor Khan was quoted by a daily.

On the other hand, Bebo also admits that Taimur is a mix of Saif and her, more so like her, of a Kapoor. She also thinks Taimur looks a lot like her father. We can’t help but go aww over Saif and Bebo’s fight over Taimur!

And the difference in opinion is not just about this. While Kareena has been open about her pregnancy, she apparently was not very happy about Taimur being in the spotlight. However, Saif thought otherwise about it and felt it would be better to be open with the media.

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For me, it was not about superstition, it was about safety. The paparazzi culture is getting really bad. They are always outside our home. But it isn’t as bad as it is abroad. It will only get there for sure. They will get the picture anyway sooner or later. The more you hide, the more aggressive they will get. I wanted to avoid that push and shove. It’s better to give them that pic. I told Bebo to hold his hand and make him wave to the photographers. Also, I feel, why should Taimur be treated any different from other children out there. People put up their baby pictures."

However, whatever the difference in opinion, we only know that we simply love the tiny Pataudi boy who steals our hearts with his cuteness!

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