Have the Talk!

As a parent we hear about a lot of things that scare us about the safety of our children. We are constantly worried about how to keep our children safe. The first step towards this is Education. Some of us find it a little awkward to talk about personal body safety with our children. We may be at a loss of words on how exactly to say it. However, today more than ever, it has become critical to have this conversation with your child, as early as 4 years of age. Some of us mistakenly believe that only the female gender is at risk. But that is a myth. Children of both genders are at risk for sexual abuse. Today, thankfully books and videos are available to help us in this task.

Children at a very young age can become unsuspecting victims of abuse. Do not postpone talking to your child about this subject before it is too late.Use simple words and just be straight forward in naming body parts. Be matter of fact. It is a fact that sometimes, we as parents need to get over our inhibitions in talking about these topics. We cannot afford to be shy and evasive any more. An easy tip is to tell your really young child that, the parts that are covered by his underwear are not to be touched by anybody except the parent. If an adult like a doctor has to check the body part covered by the underwear, it has to be done only in the presence of the parent.

Broadly the talk should encompass:

  1. Explaining the areas that are private and should not be touched by anybody else
  2. How they should react if it happens
  3. What they should do after the incident, if it should happen
Show your children this video to reiterate about Good touch and Bad touch!

VIDEO CREDIT: The NoBadTouch video was re-created by Aamir Khan for Satyamev Jayate episode #2.