Susmita Sen’s special song for her kids – calls them her Durgas!

When Susmita Sen won the crown at Miss Universe she said something about children that few people will remember today. She spoke about doing something for the children, not specifically down trodden, just an act of goodness done with children becomes an adventure on its own.

She was true to her word. She adopted her daughter Renee amongst host of speculation and media glare, but brought her up quietly, with love and devotion. She kept it up when she adopted her second daughter, Alisah and now, the little one has also grown into a young lady.

What’s breaking the internet today is her Mom song. She describes the melody she created 18 years ago as a tune her children could recognise from a mile away!

If that isn’t ‘Yadon Ki Baraat’ we don’t know what is. Sounds kitschy? Well, it isn’t. It is a lilting melody that is powerful, yet simple. Especially when her daughters play it on the piano! The best parts about this video is when her daughters stumble on the tune and yet keep going as mom, the diva, encourages and supports!

Her fervent hope is that her children would fill the melody with lyrics of their own, so that it becomes a song for the family to hum together! Awww’...

Here is the video and what she wrote in her instagram feed!

We make#music together!!!! ?❤️???? this is a#tune I had put together 18 yrs ago, a#melody my children could recognise a mile away as "Mom's Song" ??both Alisah & Renée are about to start#officially learning the#piano meanwhile they insisted on learning this piece first??❤️ someday, Alisah will take the melody forward and Renée will add the lyrics with a voice to match??❤️it is beyond#divine an experience to hear them play a piece that has always moved me!!! They are my#Durga#Durga❤️?❤️#blessed#twiceover ??❤️? forever#cherished#moments#memories#love#sharing#duggadugga ???❤️I love you!!!!