Surprising everyday foods that will boost your sex drive!

So you have slipped into your best nightwear, got the candles in place and still don’t feel the heat between the sheets? It's time you watch what you eat! Yes, when it comes to sex, it is more than what you just wear. What you eat has a direct influence on your sex drive. So, stop what you are doing and add these natural aphrodisiacs to your daily diet to boost your libido.

P.S: These are available in your own kitchen


As much as you might cringe to have garlic before heading to bed, trust us, this is just what you need for some real good time on the bed. Garlic has a high amount of allicin, which helps to regulate blood flow to the sexual organs. So go on and add this to your diet, but yes, do not forget to use a mouth freshener.

Try: Garlic tossed in herbs or with mushroom


This wonder fruit is a favourite among all and why not! Apart from sorting your Vitamin C levels, strawberries also serve as an aphrodisiac. The pull comes from its colour, texture and piquant taste. Try: Strawberries with cream and chocolate


Well, this definitely is not new. Chocolate has all things nice and tasty that help you up your oomph factor. Plus, chocolates have a natural stimulant which fuels physical agility during intimacy. Besides all this, if you didn’t know, licking off melted chocolate is a great sensual fantasy!  

Try: Melted chocolate, chocolate ice cream or cream with chocolate


While you might know the goodness of honey, did you know honey is also great for some naughty acts? Yes, this sticky gooey liquid contains a component called boron, which boosts libido. Plus, honey is good for the skin, so don’t shy away from pouring it all over and getting into some steamy foreplay!

Try: Honey roasted nuts, honey with ice cream

Rose petals

As cheesy as it may sound, we very well know and have seen bedrooms being adorned with rose petals for that special night. Well, it's not done for no reason, we figured! Eat it or simply have it thrown all over, roses are the oldest and the best aphrodisiac one can ask for.

Try: Rose petals with ice cream or cream


The hero of many kinky jokes, bananas are great natural aphrodisiacs as they are rich in potassium and natural sugars. The Indian traditional medicine also classifies it as a ‘turn on’ food. Gulp one down for breakfast, lunch or dinner and you will see your sexual appetite getting a good boost.

Try: Bananas with honey and nuts


It's not just for skin or hair that coconut works like charm! This humble food is known to increase sperm count and cleanse the urinary bladder. Eat it as is or add it to your diet and get more powerful in bed!

Try: Make a thick milkshake out of pineapple, papaya, and grated coconut