Study Habits for the New school year

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Image source : Dollarphotoclub.comThe new school year has begun for most kids. A new beginning and the opportunity for all children to do better this year than they did last year. It is said that habits are what define us. It is what makes us disciplined and being disciplined is an important component for success.  Even as adults, many of our work patterns are habits we have built over the years. It is important for us to build the study habit in our children and teach them skills consciously, for them to do a good job. Here are a few ways to do that.1. Study time Habit: If your child is like mine, “Study” means opening their books only when there is a homework deadline crisis. If there is no homework, they don’t want to touch their books. My New School Year resolution (for my daughter) is to set aside study time- irrespective of whether there are any submissions due. A set time for them to read, take notes and focus on the subject matter without any crisis around the corner.2. Calendar Habit: Keeping track of the submissions, due dates and deadlines can be a bit overwhelming especially in middle school and high school.It would be a good idea to give your child a huge sheet calendar that he can put up in a prominent place where he can monitor what needs to be turned in and when. This gets them started on planning.3. Note Taking habit: Many kids, when we nag them to study will immediately pick up some text book and start staring at it (At least that is what I used to do!). Teach your kids the process of reading and taking notes to summarize what they have studied. This will promote better understanding and retention.Come exam time, they will have a great resource to review quickly.4. Create the environment: For some children, being in a quiet place all on their own is a good place to study. But others tend to day dream and drift and need supervision. So create an environment conducive for studying.For example, you could set up the dining table as a designated spot. You could work on your laptop or read a book , and your kids could get their work done side by side. When the TV is switched off and everybody is in a quiet work mode at the dining table, it gives a good environment for your child to study in.5. Stay Tuned: Research has shown that the more involved a parent is in the academic progress of a child, the better the results achieved. It is fairly a no-brainer. No matter how many tutors are arranged and how beautiful a study room we create for our child, nothing pays off like time spent with them in helping them organize, stay on track, motivating them , teaching them study skills, giving them tips on concepts etc.Any good habit takes about a month to internalize. Pick one habit at a time to implement in your household and follow it through consistently for better results for your child. These habits in fact are not just about doing well in school or college, but overall help in setting a disciplined manner of operating for the future.