6 YEAR OLD RAPED screamed the headline in many Newspapers. The news shocked parents across the city. The incident did not happen in some obscure government school. It happened in a popular school. The thought of an innocent child undergoing such trauma is hard to digest. A heinous crime such as rape is almost impossibly difficult for even an adult to deal with. For a child to be assaulted, one wonders, what kind of sick creatures live in our society today?!  And for parents who want to desperately believe that this was a freak incident, the newspapers have similar news coming in waves. Every single day, it is almost scary to open the newspaper. On October 21st, a 3 year old was allegedly attacked. Four similar cases have been reported since July. Every day, it seems children are at risk of being assaulted... of being robbed of their innocence. The age of the child seems to not matter to these monsters... Pre-school, primary, middle school Age... NO BAR!STOP THIS SHAME! Screams another headline. This time, a two year old, allegedly raped in HSR Layout, Bangalore. The incidence of minors getting raped has been on the rise for the past six years. In 2007, 5045 cases were reported whereas in 2012, 8,541 cases were reported according to the data of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB). While these are only the reported cases, there is yet another disturbing statistic that according to the NCRB, in 2012 there was only a 23.3 per cent conviction rate for rape cases in India. Does this mean the perpetrators are getting away scot free? Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in its report, Indias Hell Holes: Child Sexual Assault in Juvenile Justice Home states that sexual offences against children in India have increased 336%. Child Safety is at an all time abysmal low in the country today.It is time to take matters into our own hands. There is no public system today that can offer help in the time of need. Unfortunately there is not even help many times available after the event has occurred, let alone before the event. What can we do proactively that can help our children not fall victims to these monsters? We are a country that is unfortunately apathetic to much of the events that happen around us. We are perfectly fine and capable of living in the middle of places that are filthy with garbage, clogged with traffic, beggars on the streets etc. Myriad social issues plague us and we have developed a habit of indifference. We get on with our lives and unless we are personally inconvenienced, we simply, don't care!But the time has come when we can NO LONGER afford to be apathetic to the news around us. The world HAS become a more dangerous place for our children and we have to do something RIGHT NOW to protect the future generation. As a PARENT, A TEACHER, as a HUMAN BEING... What can we do to SAVE OUR CHILDREN?