Stay-at-Home Mom: Myth vs Reality!

I have a PhD in Nanotechnology and the last thing I thought I would be doing is be a stay-at-home-mom. But thanks to some quirks of fate and personal choices, here I am, doing part time work from home and managing my son (who’s nearly 4) at home. And things are *SO* not what I pictured them to be!Myth #1: Spotless home, happy child and content momReality: Did you know that all of the above are mutually exclusive? Unless you’re Wonder Woman, it’s virtually impossible to have all 3 together. Clean home with a toddler? You might as well call yourself Princess of Massapequa coz that ain’t happening, sistah. And while you’re at it, let me tell you that not only is this normal, this is the norm. Cleaning involves an hour of hiding stuff from visibility when guests visit. Tops. As long as your sink and toilets are clean and laundry isn’t everywhere, consider it a job well done.Myth #2: I’m home.. that means I work out and get fitReality: Workout? What? You mean other than running and picking after a toddler? When he naps the last thing in my mind is YouTube workout videos. And honestly, I need that break for my sanity. For not completely losing it. Some days he doesn’t nap, I’m ready to tear my hair by the time my husband comes from work. The time I do get in between is spent cleaning or cooking or binge watching shows on YouTube. I figure as long as I don’t get fat, it counts as fit, geddit?Myth #3: Play dates will turn into mommy friendshipsReality: Honestly, this could’ve been possible, perhaps in a different situation. As it happens, with the language differences and the alternating playdates, when it’s my turn, it’s almost no fun playing referee between two warring children. The only reason I do it (other than the fact that my son gets social time) is for the times I get for myself when the other mom does the supervision.Myth #4: Fresh meals – morning, noon and nightReality: I manage to make 2 meals at best per day. And sincerely, this is all I can do without any domestic help. I make extra dinner every night and doggy bag them as lunch for my husband. Mornings are no time for me to make anything more than a simple breakfast – toast, eggs, or oatmeal/cereal. And I commend myself for making fresh meals – not heating frozen ones or ordering in every other day.What do you think? Comment away!