SRK’s recent tweet about Aryan and Suhana made us teary eyed!

Shah Rukh Khan is a doting father. No matter how busy he is, he always takes out time for his kids. That’s why despite being busy shooting for his upcoming film Zero, he was seen dropping off his kids, Aryan and Suhana Khan at the airport. The two are done with their vacations and are headed back to their respective schools to resume their coursework. While Suhana is en route London where she is pursuing her studies, Aryan is on his way to the University of Southern California in the United States where he is attending his film school. That both wish to follow their daddy’s footsteps and enter the world of films is now a known fact. However, SRK has always been particular of them finishing their education before pursuing a career in films. And here SRK was earlier today, seeing them off at the airport.

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Like any father, SRK was heartbroken bidding farewell to his kids, who he wouldn’t be seeing until the completion of their semesters. They were in the city to spend the holidays with their folks and we all got to see umpteen photographs of them spending some quality time with each other. While both Aryan and Suhana were present at AbRam’s annual day function, cheering him on during his stage performance, Suhana’s pics with her parents attending a relative’s wedding in New Delhi, were all over the internet during the New Year’s Eve weekend. She looked absolutely gorgeous donning beautiful sage green, maroon and floral pink lehengas for the different functions at the wedding. Anyway, coming back to SRK bidding his kids goodbye at the airport, it was his heartwarming tweet about the same that got us emotional. Take a look at his post below

When it comes to his kids, SRK like any dad is emotional and protective. Despite spending time away from them, he has always maintained that he is glad that they’re pursuing their dreams. While he has always been supportive of Suhana’s dream of pursuing a career in acting, he wants her to finish her studies. In an interview with a leading magazine, SRK had said, ” I’d like her to be on the cover of magazines like all my heroines are, wear any kind of clothes she wants to wear and look sexy and beautiful. I want her to feel attractive, beautiful and respected, and more importantly, I want her to work hard. There are days when I feel down, the only reason I get up and go to work is when I think of her. I have only one mandate where she’s concerned: she can act, but she has to study first.

As far as Aryan is concerned, SRK has been showing Aryan a lot of films ever since he started going to film school. “I have made a folder with all the great English classics like The Untouchables, Goodfellas, and Michael Douglas’ Falling Down. I am showing him English films now but I have also made another folder that has Hindi classics like Sholay, Do Aakhen Barah Haath and Devdas – both Dilip Saab’s and mine. I want him to see more films,” he told a leading magazine in a separate interview. Well, we certainly can’t wait for the day when SRK, like every proud parent, will be seeing his kids perform on screen.

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