Something spooky happened during Soha’s pregnancy and Kareena had a role!

Soha Ali Khan entered the new phase of her life with not only embracing motherhood but also becoming an author. Soha Ali Khan became a mother to a sweet little girl, Inaaya Naumi Kemmu on September 29, 2017. And during her pregnancy, she wrote a non-fiction about her life and her family.

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Soha launched her book, The Perils Of Being Moderately Famous, and the entire Pataudi khandaan was present at the book launch to support her. Soha’s book is about her identity which she believes is only because of her famous family members. She wrote this book not as a regret to be moderately famous in a superstar family, but some experiences and anecdotes with which her fans get to know her even better.

In fact, on Soha’s book launch, Kareena and Saif had some interesting anecdotes to share about Soha and what she means to them. In case you missed it, check it out here. Soha also shared the picture of who got the advance copy of her book on her official Instagram profile. Here’s the picture:

And this is what she captioned it:

"Sneak peek!! Guess who’s reading an advance copy of #theperilsofbeingmoderatelyfamous #joysofreading"

Reminiscing about the time when she conceived, Soha shared an interesting anecdote in her book. She wrote:

“In fact a spooky thing happened the other day, which prompted us to spill the beans to Bhai and Kareena. I woke up to a text message from her which said, “I had a dream that you’re pregnant. Please check. WEIRD.”

“I poked Kunal in the ribs to wake him up so he could read it too. ‘Maybe she has a new maternal sixth sense or something’ he mumbled sleepily. I wrote back some fluff about how a dream about being pregnant actually symbolized something deeper and that perhaps she was suddenly feeling a closer connection to me which I was appreciative of. There was no reply.”

And finally, she spilled the beans on what happened that she decided to tell her bhai and bhabhi about her pregnancy:

“Only a few hours later, as we were returning home from a lunch we stopped at a traffic light under a bridge. There was a massive hoarding of Kareena holding a home pregnancy test and saying, “Aaj mujhe good news mili.” It was a sign, literally. And so we told them.”

Woah! Isn’t this interesting? Well, that’s the perfect example of the bond that every bhabhi and nanad should share. What do you think about this sixth sense of Kareena? Do let us know in the comments section. 

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