Some of the Funniest Quotes on Parenting

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Being a parent myself, I do know what a roller-coaster ride it is and that too- on an everyday basis! There are many times when we parents are almost on the verge of exploding as we want to have our “me time” or we are simply too tired!

Why not sit back and laugh together with these quotes that I am sure- every mom and dad out there can relate with!

1. ‘Ever had a job where you had no previous experience, no training, you couldn’t quit either and there are lives at stake? That’s parenting.

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2. ‘It is amazing how quickly and effortlessly kids learn to operate the phones and tablets but never seem to understand a vacuum cleaner or a washing machine….’

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3. ‘The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is because they have a common enemy!’

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4. ‘Having a child makes you a parent, having two.. makes you a referee’

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5. ‘By the time we realise that our parents were right, we have kids who think we are always wrong!!’

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6. ‘Teach your kids never to give up and then see what happens when you take them to a toy store!’

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7. ‘Silence is golden…But if it is a kid that is silent then please go check what is broken’

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8. ‘Before I was a parent, I had many theories on parenting. But now I have many kids and no theories seem to work’

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9. ‘All parents have great moments of courage to face. One of them is to take their kid in a house with a white carpet.’

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10. ‘I just closed the bathroom door and now the knocking will start! 3..2..1..’

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11. ‘No matter how calmly you referee, parenting will produce bizarre am not talking about kids here…’

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12. ‘And the doctor looked at a haggard and worn out me and shook his head saying ‘’ you have a serious condition called children’’

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13. If your kids are giving you a headache then follow the instructions on the aspirin bottle! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!’

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14. ‘The best time for kids to go for potty , feel hungry or fall down is when a parent needs to sleep’

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15. ‘If evolution works then why do mothers still have only two hands??’

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