Soft Toys tend to get so Suffocating as Gifts

Cuteness and children go together. Stuff / soft toys and cuteness also go together. But then children and soft toys really do not go together. So the formula that if A = B and B=C then A=C does not apply here. This is for all our loving well wishers out there who are thinking on the next gift to buy for the little one whose birthday is just round the corner. Pleeeaasseeeee refrain from buying a soft toy. Trust me all children have enough of them and even if they do not, not too many parents prefer their little one being gifted a soft toy and I have no qualms in saying – I am one of them!Soft Toys are Cute but That is it!Yes. They are cute. Agreed. But think about it. What purpose do they really serve? My little one will get amused looking at it for may be an hour or so but as much as you would have thought, she really does not  crave to sleep with one. That is an idea we get from movies and fairy tales I think where the little princess or the child in the story hugs her teddy and goes to sleep. In real life it does not really happen. She may tug a doll but not a teddy.Teddy’s and Soft Toys Attract Dust and Not a Child’s FancyImagine the dust that must be getting accumulated on the fur of the soft toy and now picture a little one playing with it – licking it, using the same hands to eat! Arrrggghhh! Please reserve these furry toys for your valentine. Not my child, please!Cannot be Tucked AwayBecause of their sheer size, they are so difficult to tuck them away. The Amount of Space they occupy and Discarding them is Not EasyYou really may have gone out of your way to buy a soft toy for my little one but I would have so appreciated if you would have kept in mind whether or not the space in my house permits to have it. I like artifacts and flowers in my house. Really cannot stand a teddy on a table for my guest to wonder if I am planning to open a mother toddler group or play school. I do not believe in recycling gifts or discard as there is some emotion attached to it. Let me not look at the soft toy and complain about your gift. You really do not have any intentions of leaving me with not so pleasant experience of inviting you, right?I cannot be washing them again and againLike I mentioned earlier, soft toys attract a of dust hence to keep them hygienic and safe for them to use, it is imperative to wash them. Trust me, we are all pressed for time. The laundry load any ways is a lot and I don’t want an edition and specially something that cannot be put with the regular clothes. I would have to especially run the machine separately for it so imagine the amount of water that I would be wasting!


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 Not Ideal for Role Play or for that Matter any Play!Soft toys extend a zero learning value. Period.Children need to be engaged. Soft toys are not an ideal gift for little children. They just sit on the bed or on the table. I would prefer a book or an engaging toy, anytime!