A Single Parent Family

Single Parent Family
It is an ideal situation when children grow up with two parents. However, life circumstances might play out in such a way that children have to live with a single parent due to divorce, death of a parent, illnesses etc. The transition from a "complete" family to a single parent family is difficult to deal with for all involved. On the parent's part, there is a financial insecurity, emotional adjustment problems and an overwhelming sense of responsibility. On the child's part, it is common to feel anger, denial, depression and even a sense of guilt. However this is a transitional phase and the focus always needs to be on the emotional and physiological well-being of the child.For those who are contemplating a separation or are newly bereaved, here are things you can expect:

Some Positives

Maturity: Children who grow up with single parent generally go through a lot of hardships and hence turn out to more matured for their age. Such children tend to make wise decisions about any relationships. Their perspective of life will be usually much clearer than children with both parents and they are very independent.Better Bonding: Children living with a single parent have a better bond with the parent. This bond gets stronger because they need each others support, love and care. They get to spend more time with each other and they both understand the emotional needs of each other.Single Parent FamilyKids are more Relaxed: If the relationship between the parents was bitter and filled with fights, the kids would have been negatively affected as well. After the separation when they see the parents feeling better, the kids also begin to feel positive about the situation. In the long run, they also realize that though unhappy situations happen in life, things never stay bad forever.

Some Negatives

Time: Giving time to a child is of utmost importance in any family. Being a single parent, this becomes even critical. This puts a lot of pressure on the single parent as he/she scrambles to do everything by himself/herself.Economy: Both the child and the parent will have to go through a huge economic change when there's a bereavement or divorce. Children especially might not have the maturity to accept this change. Emotional estrangement combined with monetary issues might escalate behavioural problems.Relationship: If the single parent wants to start a new relationship, they have to first consider how the child will get along with the new person. A lot of thought will have to be given into how to introduce the new person to the child(ren) without making them feel insecure.If you're a single parent, whatever be the reason, know that single parent families are becoming more common in India than ever before. So chin up and face the world boldly!
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