This is the simplest weight loss exercise ever!

Going on crash diets and sweating it out in the gym for hours is what all of us do to get slim and trim. But, the Japanese don't do any of these and still manage to stay fit and fabulous. Wondering how? This is the secret!

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Have you ever wondered why the Japanese are so thin? Well, if you have, here is the answer to your question. People in Japan follow a technique that helps them lose weight without having to go all out in the gym or eliminating essential food groups from their diet. 

Doctors in Japan recommend this exercise to everyone and it has been helping people since ages. 

Not only will it help you lose weight, but it will also give you relief from back pain. 

All you need for this exercise is a towel and a yoga mat. 

Step 1: Fold your towel into a cylinderical roll.
Step 2: Lie down on your back
Step 3: Place the towel under your lower back, parallel to your navel
Step 4: Your ankles should be along the width of the shoulder. 
Step 5: Keep your big toes together
Step 6: Place your hands over your head, keeping the small fingers connected
Step 7: Hold the position for at least 5 minutes
Step 8: Release and return back to lying down

Feature image source: thetimesofindia