Sex in the shower! Positions that guarantee hot, wet orgasms!

Shower sex is something we all fantasize, but getting it right can be a tough task. Competing with different heights, builds, slippery surfaces and running water can be a bit of a nightmare for anyone. However, when you do get all of this right, the results can be as hot as hell.

We are on a mission to make you enjoy shower sex just the way you dreamed of. Here’s how!

1. Water works

Water flowing on a high pressure can hurt an erect penis. Well, before you go down on your man, make him lean on a support and direct the water flow from behind.

2. Bend over

Doggie in the shower is simple, yet perfect to leave you and your partner begging for more. Bend forward with your legs apart, hold on to something sturdy and have him enter from behind. Watch out not to trip. You could maybe buy a pair of those non-slippery slippers or one of those mats your grandma has in her bathroom.

3. Crisscross legs

Lift one leg and rest it on his thighs or hip. Now use a hand-held shower and direct the stream in between your legs, as he enters you from the front. The water won't work the same magic on his bits as it does on yours (Viva womanhood!) So he won’t be complaining.

4. Standing up face to face

This works better than doggie, simply because you get to kiss, caress, and what not! Stand in front of him with your legs wrapped around his waist and have him thrust you. If your partner is strong enough to lift you, have him press you up against a wall as he thrusts. Be watchful of the wet floor. Rubber mats will be of immense help here!

5. Forget penetration

Sex is not about penetration always! Sometimes a perfect foreplay can do the deed too. So, take the opportunity to orgasm using foreplay techniques. Oral sex is best when done in a bath tub or in the shower. Treat each other to steamy oral sex as beads of water trickle down upon you. Lubricants and other shower toys can only make the experience better. Aim the showerhead far away from your face — you want a mouth full of something else, not water!

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