These sex positions are 100 percent pregnant-lady approved! (And orgasmic)


Pregnancy is a great time for sex! No, we are not kidding. Your hormones drive you insane when you are pregnant and the urge to have sex only grows with time. While you might be wondering how to turn and toss with that huge belly, flush that thought down the toilet, for you ought to be huge to make that tiny thing.

There are some positions, which work perfectly during the nine months and guess what, they also help you orgasm. So read on and get at it right away!

1)   Missionary with a twist!

Lying on your back when pregnant is a big no. But that is also a position which can take you to the peak. So how do work it out? Simple! Just put a pillow one butt and lie down sideways facing him. Intertwine your legs with his and get started. If your belly is coming on the way, make him move away from you, and thrust more straight up into you. The biggest boon of the missionary is that you just need to lie down, without doing a thing extra and that can scream happiness for preggers!

2)  Doggy style

Doggy style is great during pregnancy. Stroking your labia can make you orgasm like nothing else, especially when pregnant. This is because your labia is swollen as hell, making it all the better. You’ll know it soon!

3)  Spooning

Spooning is a great position, especially during the third trimester, when your belly is huge and always comes in the way of your love. Hold your legs tightly together as he rocks you from behind. This is possibly the best way to arouse him and feel loved!

4)  Bedside joy

Throw a couple of pillows under your back and sit inclined with your legs wide apart. Have him sit or stand in front of you and thrust you. You could also rub your clit as you watch him go to and fro into your gorgeous, round body. In case you cannot reach it, have him rub it for you.

5)  Get on his lap

There’s a lot about birthing and sex, which will make you go animalistic. Embrace it and go wild. Have him kneel on the bed and sit in front with your back facing his and bend down. Have him thrust you from behind and do it like they do it on Discovery channel. And yes, you are going to moan, literally bringing the roof down, so make sure your walls are sound proof!