Serena (Goddess) Williams won the Australian Open while pregnant

Honestly, my jaw dropped at that news. Serena Williams, yesterday, tweeted saying, “20 weeks!” hinting at a pregnancy. You might think what’s so great about that, we have all been 20 weeks pregnant. Yeah, sure, we’ve all been 20 weeks pregnant. But have any of us won a grand slam title while pregnant? Pretty sure the answer is a loud no. Yep, you heard that right. Williams won the Australian Open smashingly when she was about two months pregnant. Yeah.

Once you’ve lifted your jaw off the floor, do read on to see how women through history have done amazing things while pregnant. It makes you feel kind of foolish at how careful you were with your body and how delicately everyone handles you. Unless you are having a complicated pregnancy, believe me, your body and your foetus are very, very strong. There’s no need to restrict yourself from doing all the activities you want, in case you are one of those physically active women. I remember. I was pregnant with my older one -- I must have been about six or seven months in -- and I was on the treadmill. My gynaec had said the walking I was doing was too little and too slow and she wanted me to up it a bit. I was on the treadmill, bump secure in my maternity gym wear, listening to music and I suddenly lost footing. I fell stomach-down on the treadmill and the guy on the treadmill next to me was horrified. He jumped off his and pulled the emergency cord so my treadmill would stop. And thanks to hardy human design, the foetus and I were perfectly okay.

Long story short, if you’re pregnant, and you’ve got the doctor’s green light, feel free to do all the things you like to do. Just like these five women. (Except of course, these are exceptional women.)

1. Farah Khan: Choreographer, director, mother to three was pregnant with her triplets when she was directing Om Shanti Om. It’s not an easy job to direct a film, especially a big budget one. Gruelling schedules, long hours and constant creative output. Wow.

2. Regan Schreiber: An all-American swimmer from Penn State University, swam about 60 kms, crossing the English channel when she was 11 weeks pregnant. A good swimmer can do about seven kms an hour!

3. Elizabeth Rubin: War correspondent, mum. She did war reporting while pregnant with her first child, in Afghanistan. There are several more who have done unrelenting reporting while covering the war on Iraq.

4. Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi: She competed in the London Olympics when she was 8 months pregnant. Her event? Shooting.

5. Hema Malini: And finally, closer home, Hema Malini was spent all her shooting days of the sets of Satte Pe Satta pregnant. Yep, right unto the very end of her pregnancy where she’s seen in the movie covering her bump.