‘I am a selfish mom and I am proud of it’

Starting day with cup of fresh coffee.

It was a lazy Friday night and all I wanted was some good food, music, and lots of ‘me’ time! Well, sounds fancy right? But, no. When you have kids at home, don’t you dare expect any of these! However, I fought my guilt and did all that I just mentioned. Yes! You may be judging me for this but hey I honestly think it’s unfair to brand mothers selfless. We are normal humans and it is perfectly okay for us to have our own little desires.

And that is what made me happy too! So, yes I am a selfish mom and I am proud of it. Also, if you thought to enjoy a good meal and some ‘me’ time while allowing your kids to turn into little banshees was a crime, here’s a little more! Digest this if you can.

1.    I consumed coffee and soft cheese when I was pregnant (Lots of it)

Blame it all on the craving! I remember waking up craving for a piping hot mug of coffee and if that was not the first thing my tongue savoured, God save the people around. So, there I said it.

What people think: How dare you? Do you realise you have a little human residing in you? Don’t look beyond greens, fruits or milk and this is only for the good of your baby.

2.    I hated being pregnant

Morning sickness, the super heavy breasts, swollen feet, sensitivity to smell – I hated them all! And this had nothing to do with my bond or love for my baby. These were purely physical, but you know how people look at it!

What people think: How could you say this? Don't you feel the connection with your little baby? Oh, I could say what music my baby liked when I was all of three weeks pregnant. That’s motherly intuition! You clearly are a selfish mom!

3.    I eat before I feed my son

Yes, you read it right! It takes a good one and a half hours, plus playing peek-a-boo, jumping obstacles and of course, one big food battle to feed any kid and mine is no different. This is precisely why I eat first. This way I do justice his tummy and mine!

 What people think: How could you! Poor baby!

4.    I enjoy kid-free time

Offer to baby sit and any mommy is sure to grab it. I long for those few hours when my kid is off to his grandma’s or is playing at the park. Although I don’t do anything much when he’s away, I just wish the silence and the calmness never end.

What people think: Whaat......Literally, freeze and fall down like a felled tree!

5.    My partner parents as much as I do

Well, there’s literally nothing that a mother cannot do! Maybe yes! But hey I clearly don’t want my son to think he can ONLY call Amma when he needs something. The other human in the house (father) is equally responsible for him being in this world and Lil N needs to know his father can do all that I do! (Breastfeeding aside)

What people think: What other important can she have apart from cleaning or feeding her son! She’s just so selfish. And how can she expect her husband to share her daily chores!

Lastly, yes, people judge me! May be just like the way you are right now J

And now that I’m done writing this one, I am going to dig into my son’s share of dark chocolate cake!